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    21 Texts You Won't Understand If You Don't Have A Nigerian Mum

    "Have you taken the meat out of the freezer?"

    1. When you're getting on her last nerve.

    2. When she takes things literally.

    3. When she reminds you of your responsibilities.

    4. When you tell her you got an A in your exam.

    5. When you tell her about your holiday plans.

    6. Her good morning texts.

    7. When she's encouraging you.

    8. When she is sick of you being single.

    9. When she wants to watch telly.

    10. When she wants to know if you are still single.

    11. When she reminds you of your responsibilities AGAIN!

    12. When she needs to call home.

    13. When she wants to see if you have time for the important things.

    14. When it's 10pm and you're not home yet.

    15. When she wants you to be closer to God.

    16. When your singleness is really starting to affect her life.

    17. When your friend waved at her.

    18. When she is REALLY starting to worry.

    19. When you ask for a take away.

    20. When you try to apologise.

    21. When she is about to hit you with a few home truths.