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17 Hairdresser Struggles Every Black Girl Knows To Be True

You take a seat in the waiting area. And you wait. And you wait. And…

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1. You turn up half an hour early so you can start on time and leave at a decent hour.

2. Even though it's 30 minutes past your appointment time, your hairdresser will still be doing someone else's hair.

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3. After waiting an hour you will try to control your rage by flipping through copies of Blackhair Magazine from 2004.

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4. Playing with your hairdresser's kids is cute at first, but they will eventually annoy the hell out of you.

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5. The music being played will have you doing the wickedest wine on your chair.

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6. You will eventually need to take to your headscarf off and show the whole salon the state of your hair.

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7. Your hairdresser will spend about 10 minutes examining your hair and complaining about it. / Via

"Your hair is so thick."

"Your edges are thinning."

"You should think about relaxing it."

8. You will sit under the dryer for what feels like a lifetime. And just when you are about to lose your shit, you get called over to the stylist’s chair.

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9. You will ask for a trim, and the hating-ass hairstylist will cut 3 inches off.

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10. Midway through, the hairdresser will decide it's lunchtime. So you wait 45 minutes while they get something to eat.

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11. At some point or another someone will come in trying to sell something. It could be DVDs, it could be T444Z Hair Food. Whatever it is, the salesperson will be persistent AF. / Via

I don't care how good your product is, I don't want it!

12. You realise you're going to be at the salon all day, and there's nothing you can do about it. So you start cancelling all other plans.

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13. After six hours of eavesdropping, you offer unsolicited relationship advice to the lady sitting next to you.

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14. A huge debate will kick off, and everyone will join in. / Via

"Who won the Drake and Meek Mill battle?"

"Was Beyoncé ever really pregnant?"

"What is the Illiminati?"

"Is Nigerian jollof rice better than Ghanian jollof rice?"

15. There will be some sort of passive-aggressive drama between two of the hairdressers, and it's entertaining AF!

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16. You realise how much of your day you have spent at the salon, and vow never to come back again.

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17. You leave the salon with your hair LAID for the gods, and you remember why you deal with all the bullshit.

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