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17 Hairdresser Struggles Every Black Girl Knows To Be True

You take a seat in the waiting area. And you wait. And you wait. And…

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2. Even though it's 30 minutes past your appointment time, your hairdresser will still be doing someone else's hair.

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4. Playing with your hairdresser's kids is cute at first, but they will eventually annoy the hell out of you.

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11. At some point or another someone will come in trying to sell something. It could be DVDs, it could be T444Z Hair Food. Whatever it is, the salesperson will be persistent AF.


14. A huge debate will kick off, and everyone will join in. / Via

"Who won the Drake and Meek Mill battle?"

"Was Beyoncé ever really pregnant?"

"What is the Illiminati?"

"Is Nigerian jollof rice better than Ghanian jollof rice?"