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17 Slightly Gross Beauty Habits Every Girl Is Guilty Of

Hands up if you haven't washed your makeup brushes in months.

1. Tweezing out an ingrown hair and feeling so satisfied when it's a long one.

Joe Gross / Via Youtube

2. Using the same razor for months even when it gets clogged with hairs.

Tolani Shoneye/BuzzFeed

Or secretly using your mate's razor...

3. Scraping plaque off your teeth with your nails.

Tolani Shoneye / Via BuzzFeed

4. Not cleaning out the dirt and crust built up on your earrings.

Tolani Shoneye / Via BuzzFeed

5. Biting off the dry skin on your lips.

Lontashia Ward / Via

And eating it.

6. Picking off your nail polish and leaving bits lying around.

@hi_there23 / Via Twitter

7. Or biting on them and then spitting out the shards.

Tolani Shoneye / Via BuzzFeed

8. Not washing your makeup brushes for ages – like, months.


9. Using dry shampoo to hide REALLY dirty hair.

Remee Patel / BuzzFeed

10. Not washing your face properly so you can wear the same eyeliner the next day.

@aislynnscott / Via Twitter

11. Using makeup you know is way past its expiry date.

@coldoctober_ / Via Twitter

12. Using testers straight on your face without cleaning them first or using a disposable applicator.

@niceboops / Via Twitter

13. Not cleaning out the hair from your hair brush.

@errrrrrkuh / Via Twitter

14. Using saliva to fix makeup mishaps.

@Fardowsa_G / Via Twitter

15. Sharing or borrowing mascara.

Remee Patel / Via BuzzFeed

Might as well say goodbye to your eyes now.

16. Picking off your mascara and then flicking off the dried up remnants.

Emma Cooke / Via BuzzFeed

17. And finally, examining the congealed junk on your used pore strips. / Via

It may be gross, but it's goddamn satisfying.