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17 Stunning Guys Who Seriously Slayed The Makeup Game

Slay king. SLAY

1. All hail this king.

2. YASS to the matte pink lipstick.

3. Eyeshadow blended to perfection.

4. Serving FACE!

5. Can we have a moment for the ombre lips.


7. Yes, yes, YASSS all the yeses!

8. He can contour better than you.

9. His highlight game is so on point, it’s BLINDING.

10. Just perfection!

11. We're gonna need a tutorial on these brows.

12. It's just too fierce.

13. The hair, the eyes, the lips. It doesn't get better than this.

14. Smokey eye KING!

15. That glitter pout though.

16. This subtle glow.

17. Eyeliner sharper than your future.