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    11 Skin Care Routines That Work

    Skin care is self-care.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their skin care routine. Here's what they said.

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    1. "Perfect for my combination skin."

    Viviana Pereyra / Via, Muddy Body / Via, Nuture 2 Nature / Via

    "My skin care routine isn't complicated and it's perfect for my combo skin. I don't usually break out, but when I do it gets pretty crazy.

    "The first step to my skin care routine is drinking lots of water – it helps to keep my skin hydrated. When I wear makeup, I make sure that my brushes and sponges are clean.

    "After a long day, I use my Nuture by Nature Skin Care Kit, which includes a facial wash, clay mask, and a primer. It's super gentle on my skin and it leaves it super clean and my pores minimised. I love it!

    "I use the facial wash every night and I use the clay mask twice a week. If I'm feeling a little extra I'll use my Muddy Body Chill Clay Mask and I'll let that sink in and relax. This leaves my face clean, brightened, and hydrated."

    Viviana Pereyra

    2. "With my eczema, I've found that less is definitely more."

    SheaMoisture / Via, Biossance / Via, Peter Thomas Roth / Via

    "The fact that I actually have a skin routine is fantastic considering I have eczema and skin allergies. I’ve never really been able to use most skin care products. But now there are so many amazing sensitive skin products.

    "Currently my skin care routine is just two things, but it works for me. First I cleanse with Shea Moisture’s Sensitive Skin Rose Oil Cleanser and then I moisturise with Biossance Squalane and Probiotic Gel Moisturiser. If I’m going to be outside I wear Peter Thomas Roth’s Mineral Powder Sunscreen on my face. All of this works for me – with my eczema, I've found that less is definitely more. But I still feel like I’m doing great things for my skin."


    3. "I love all these products."

    Mario Badescu / Via, Thayers / Via, Clean & Clear / Via

    "I used to have acne, but since I’ve simplified my routine, it’s way better. I love all of these products and would recommend them to anyone.

    "Morning: I start with Thayers Witch Hazel Toner and move on to my Neutrogena, Shine Control Primer, Hey Honey Trick and Treat Cream Concealer and occasionally L’Oreal Visible Life Liquid Blush. Last I spray with some Mario Badescu Facial Spray and I’m out the door!

    "Night: I wash with Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Face Wash and moisturise with Clean and Clear Morning Burst moisturiser."


    4. "The less I put on my face the better."

    Neutrogena / Via

    "I scrub my face with water and a clean cloth and then apply a light layer of Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser. The less I put on my face the better."

    – Jen Smith, Facebook

    5. "It's a work in progress."

    Glossier / Via, Thayers / Via, Glossier / Via

    "My skin care routine is one that has been a work in progress for many, many years. But I'm finally at a point where I feel like my skin is in a decent place for the first time in my adult life. Here's what I use:

    "In the mornings I use the following:

    Yes To Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub or Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel for a gentle exfoliant

    Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

    – If I have time I use The Birth of Venus Jelly Mask for 5–10 minutes.

    Thayers Witch Hazel Toner, either lavender or cucumber.

    Yes To Tomatoes Daily Repair Treatment

    Glossier Priming Moisturiser.

    "Before bed I use the following products:

    Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes, or I use some micellear water on a cotton pad.

    Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner

    Glossier Super Pure serum

    Glossier Priming Moisturiser

    "If I have any major spots, which is rare these days, thankfully, I use a Cosrx Pimple Patch overnight. I want to incorporate a facial sunscreen at some point since I'm really bad about that, but I have yet to find one I like."

    – Sydney Riggs, Facebook

    6. "I have very dry, sensitive skin."

    DHC UK / Via, Eucerin / Via

    "I have very dry, sensitive skin and a host of skin problems and allergies, so even products that are designed for sensitive skin, at a variety of price points, will burn.

    "After shelling out tons of money trying to find something that works, my new dermatologist told me the only thing I should be using on my face is Aquaphor. Initially I was disenchanted as it's not something that comes in pretty packaging, but this is now the only thing I use on my face. Nothing keeps my skin as soft and smooth and it doesn't irritate me in the slightest. Some may not be keen on it as it's quite thick, but using a small amount does wonders.

    "For makeup removal, again, after trial and error, I use DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. It gets off eyeliner, glitter, waterproof mascara – basically everything. I highly recommend."

    – Jessica Schmessica, Facebook

    7. "I have oily skin."

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    "I recently started the Korean 10-step skin care program and I am in love. I have oily skin, so I was concerned about all the moisture and junk you put on, but other than a small breakout when I started my skin has been so soft and glowing. It’s been six weeks and I can already tell such a difference and feel like I need much less makeup to feel comfortable."


    8. I use face masks on Sundays.

    emmai4727730fa / Via

    "Three times a week I exfoliate and every Sunday I put on three masks. I use Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask and Oatifix Fresh Face Mask – both Lush – and then the Glam Glow Face Mask.

    "I LOVE my regimen. My skin feels soft and my skin tone is pretty even."


    9. "I find fancy skin care routines intimidating."

    Much / Via

    "I find fancy skin care routines intimidating, so I just wash my face with foaming face wash. I then use tea tree oil on all my pimples, and use a men's gel moisturiser on my patches of gross skin. That's when I remember to wash my face."


    10. "I love my skin care routine."

    Cetaphil / Via, Alba Botanica / Via, Thayers / Via

    "I love my skin care routine because it gives me a sense of continuity and leaves me ready to face whatever the day may bring.

    "In the morning, I start with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and three times a week I use Alba Botanica Mini Chemical Peel with Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It's honestly a game changer. I have two toners I use together: a Witch Hazel Toner to prep my skin, and a moisturising toner I pat into my skin with my hands.

    "I have a serum that I love – it's packed with a bunch of natural ingredients, collagen, vitamin E, rosehip and it has salicylic acid, which is great for when my skin decides to flare up during that time of the month. I finish with Shiesdo Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturiser, which is lightweight enough for the day but still moisturising."


    11. "I have cystic acne."

    Lush / Via

    "I have suffered from cystic acne since elementary school and still have it as a 22-year-old adult. It definitely makes life stink sometimes, especially since random people like to comment on my skin, which can be humiliating in public and a huge hit to my self-esteem. I've learned over the years to be more confident and care less about what people think, but I still desire clearer, healthier skin for me. I take great care of it, and have tried just about every product and routine under the sun. This is what I have been using for a few years now and my skin has cleared up tremendously. Also, I have extremely dry skin, like pieces flaking off, and this helps keep it moisturised.

    "In the mornings I will use the Coalface Facial Bar from Lush in the shower and then use the Eau Roma Toner also from Lush. Then I use a sunscreen and Lush's Full of Grace Serum Bar and Celestial Moisturiser.

    "At night, I remove my makeup and wash my face with Lush 9 to 5 Cleansing Cream and then use the same toner from the morning. Lastly, I moisturise the heck out of my skin with a natural oil, which I alternate between rosehip, jojoba, and argan. Some days I will come home and remove my makeup in the afternoon just to be able to moisturise three times a day instead of two. Hope this helps those struggling with troubled skin."


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