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Show Us How You And Your BFF Have Glowed Up

Best friend aka soul mates.

Best friends are forever, and if you're lucky enough to have meet yours early on, you've probably noticed that you have both changed. ALOT!

#GloUpChallenge #GloUp 17 years later!

You've laughed together, cried together, celebrated each other. Basically your favourite memories are with one and other.

let’s talk about this serious glo up that occurred 😩 over 5 years of friendship. Congratulations to my best frien… https://t.co/drQAaaR4Ko

You have literally grown up and glowed up together.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my life long best friend @hanreinbrecht 👯‍♀️ hope your day is as good as this glo up😂 love ya!!💘

And we want you to tell us about this growth and glow.

My best friend came down from Texas Tech & yall the glo up is REAL!! ✨😜 #4yeardifference

We want to know how you meet, how long you've known each other and your favourite memories together.

Share your friendship glow-up pictures and stories in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video. Be sure to include cute side-by-side pictures, so we can see the real transformations.