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17 Things You Should Do If You Are Struggling With Self-Love

"You are beautiful. You are worthy. You deserve the very best."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to give advice to anyone who needs a confidence boost. Here's what they said.

1. Always look for what's beautiful in you.

"Something that always got to me was how much prettier other girls were. There were so many girls out there who are downright beautiful, practically flawless. And it took me a while to learn that just because they may be prettier than I am or pretty in a different way, that doesn't mean I'm not pretty at all. I once read a quote I really like that said "someone else's beauty is not the absence of your own", and I think that's really important to remember. And this doesn't just apply to beauty. It's important to remember that you shouldn't compare yourself to others, because no one else is you." – Underratedcereal

2. Daily affirmation.

"I said the phrase 'you are beautiful. You are worthy. You deserve the very best' out loud in the mirror every day until I didn't giggle about it any more and it just felt right. By that time I believed it." – Keshawna8

3. Think about your thoughts.

Instagram: @williesteelo86

"Be an active participant in your thought process." – jschmess

4. Remember how incredible your body is.

"Sometimes it's immensely difficult to look past the things about ourselves that we don't like. But what works for me is remembering how incredible our bodies are. We have the most incredible computers sitting in our heads, we are the most intricate puzzle, the human body is amazing in what it can accomplish. It helps to remind myself that every day my body does the unbelievable." – mybrainonpaper78

5. Be kind to yourself.

"My whole life I have struggled with being overweight. So much so that when I was 13 my mom had me on Weight Watchers. I used to walk around the food store figuring out the points of food and such. I'm 21 now and I think the biggest challenge is not judging yourself. Sometimes I'll eat a gross amount of carbs, and after I eat it, I'll look in the mirror or catch a wrong angle of myself and I'm just totally disgusted and sad. I feel like we can be our own worst enemy. The more we judge ourselves the harder it is to accept that we are beautiful and more than just what food we eat. I'm all for healthy food but sometimes I want a burger, so whatever. Love yourself, respect yourself and be your own best friend." – ashleyd47e60f066

6. Believe what your loved ones say about you.

"Have people you love and trust make a lists of the qualities they admire most about you. Knowing what people from the outside see in you can help you see it inside yourself. It can be awkward to ask someone to do this for you, especially if you're already insecure about yourself, but you'll be surprised at how happy and excited your friends are to do this for you." – Siochain

7. Remember that your opinion matters.

"Don't allow your value to be measured by someone else's opinion. The only opinion that matters is yours, and you need to love you. Ever since I've focused on this, I've been incredibly confident." – Katieb494861f86

8. See yourself how your pets see you.

"Think of yourself the way your dog or cat would think of you. They don't see flaws, they see a beautiful, kind person who they love unconditionally. I used to be super insecure about my body, especially since I went through puberty way too early, but when I started thinking about myself the way my dog sees me, I found my confidence all over again." – oliviasasak

9. Dance!

"Blast music by an artist you like and dance around your room when no one's home. Do some cool poses. Sing into your hairbrush. Just take that time to let loose and be you – that always helps me feel confident. If you're into makeup, do that, and if there's an outfit in your closet that makes you feel beautiful, put that on. Sometimes just taking time to get comfortable with yourself and make yourself look good can be a huge confidence booster." – allie0604

10. Do something outside your comfort zone.

"It sounds crazy but do a boudoir photo shoot. Make sure you find a good photographer. You'll be shocked at how great you look and feel afterwards. It's very empowering and a total confidence boost when you see the pics." – Anonymous

11. Focus on what you can do.

"Focus on what you can do instead of what you can't. I'm a runner and I've always been very hard on myself. When I'm feeling down about something I just remind myself that I'm a badass who runs 42.2km for fun. If I'm picking on my body and feeling self-conscious, I just remind myself that my body has carried me over many miles and it is so incredible. Everyone has something to be proud of. Whatever your reason is, remind yourself that you are a badass and you are a beautiful human being no matter what." – Jocelynr4f9fbe65d

12. Appreciate yourself.

Instagram: @bo

"I stand naked in front of the mirror and point out two things I like about myself. They can't be the same ones every day and they don't have to be physical things. I find it just helps you appreciate yourself for who you are and be honest with yourself about how much there is to love, because I promise it is so much." – Katherinew4c83c3596

13. Accept your imperfections.

"You'll never be perfect, but then again nobody will. We need to accept that imperfection is human and stop trying to live out of these crazy standards society puts into us. So next time you look in the mirror, focus on what you love most about yourself, instead of wasting your time on what you don't like. Love yourself as you are, celebrate your qualities, and embrace your flaws." – k440a3cf47

14. Get used to seeing yourself naked.

Instagram: @hannahcakekelley

"If you need body confidence and are a makeup wearer, do your makeup in your undies, or even naked. It helps you get used to the way you look naked without having to stare at yourself. I just wear a bra so I can stash my mascara in it. It's done WONDERS for me!" – kyleighk43cf16d35

15. Say nice things to yourself.

"I was a very insecure person my whole life up until I was 19. I realised that I didn't like being that person, so I worked on it. It was a conscious effort. Whenever I had a mean thought about myself, I'd stop, think about it, and ask myself if I would ever say that about my best friend. If the answer was no, I'd think of something nice instead. I basically trained myself to see beauty and positive things, and I'm way happier for it. It took me a few months and there was a mess in my head during that time, and there are still moments when the bad stuff creeps up on me but it became so much easier to identify it and replace it with something nice." – mistywilmot

16. Put yourself first.

"The road to self-confidence starts when you stop caring about what others think of you. Wear what you want, say what you feel, and do what makes you feel beautiful. Most importantly, do it all for yourself." – kaytlady

17. Just stop.

"Stop! When I start to think negatively, I would picture a large stop sign and if alone, I would actually yell 'stop. Not a mantra, not dwelling on it, but a big dramatic stop to break the cycle, if only for a moment. It did not stop me thinking negative thoughts entirely but it helped deflate the build-up." – Alexandre R. Violette, Facebook

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