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    Jul 27, 2016

    17 Ridiculously Pretty Beauty Products That You Couldn't Possibly Use

    Sexual orientation = rose gold makeup brushes.

    1. Have you seen nail polish so pretty?

    Smith & Cult / Via cultbeauty

    I mean it's basically a work of art. All the Smith & Cult products look amazing but the shattered souls shade is especially beautiful.

    2. Metallic brushes!

    3. Aren't these the prettiest lipsticks EVER?

    4. This fancy AF bottle.

    Show Beauty / Via

    It looks like a fancy perfume bottle but it's finishing spray. I mean how could you possibly throw this away once you are done?

    5. It's a makeup palette with pop-up flowers.

    Asos / Via

    Pop-up flowers, people! Yes it's unnecessary, but it looks good. The Paul & Joe palette is a eyeshadow and lip set, but you can also use the lip colour as a blusher.

    6. Because nail polish remover deserves a pretty bottle.

    Paul & Joe / Via Asos

    Have you ever seen nail polish remover look so fancy? The Paul & Joe remover includes almond and jojoba seed oils to hydrate and condition the nails.

    7. ART!

    8. Just so pretty.

    9. This stunning bottle.😍😍😍😍

    Anna Sui / Via Debenhams

    I mean yeah, the Anna Sui perfume smells really nice and it's all seductive and woody, but the focus here is the stunning black and gold bottle.

    10. Way too pretty to use.

    MOR / Via

    Just look at the floral details.

    11. Colourful pearls.

    Guerlain / Via Debenhams

    These illuminating powder pearls will give a glow and have your face smelling like heaven.

    12. Who knew eyeliner could be so beautiful?

    Stila / Via Asos

    The added plum-coloured feather that comes with this Stila eyeliner brush is just beautiful. The brush itself is also really good – it allows you to create smooth, precise lines almost every time.

    13. A touch of Victorian romance.

    Happ & Stanhs / Via Anthropologie

    The Happ & Stahns perfume smells of rose gardens and the bottle is just so freaking cute. I mean just look at the pincushion top.

    14. Just glorious.

    Christian Louboutin

    Crazy beautiful, but also crazy expensive. The Christian Louboutin lipstick might just be the most glamorous lipstick I have ever seen.

    15. Never seen mascara so sleek.


    This mascara screams luxury. It also gives long-ass lashes.

    16. We are not worthy of this.


    Guerlain is back at it again with the pretty packaging. This nail polish will give you ultra-shiny finish and will look really good on your makeup table.

    17. The colours, the pigments, and the packaging are EVERYTHING!

    Milani / Via Beauty Bay

    You couldn't even use these gel eyeshadow colours. All you can do is admire the beauty.

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