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    17 Gorgeous YouTube Tutorials That Are Perfect For People With Curly Hair

    Curls for days.

    1. This cute braided style.

    Hair Romance / Via

    If you haven't got the hang of braiding hair, then this tutorial is worth a watch. It gives a detailed step-by-step guide on how to achieve this look.

    2. Add a scarf to the mix.

    Kharissa Rae / Via

    Just look at will these styles you can do with a scarf. Kharissa's tutorial is definitely worth checking out.

    3. Frizz free curls

    IndiaBatson / Via

    This video is really detailed and tells you everything you need to know to get frizz free curly hair. Watch how it's done here.

    4. Two braid top knot

    Jasmine Brown / Via

    So some braiding skill is needed for this hairstyle, but once you have that locked down, you are good to go. See how Jasmine gets the look here.

    5. The messy updo.

    Ashley Bloomfield / Via

    The messy curly updo is always a good look – check out how Ashley gets this look here.

    6. Faux fringe updo

    Shahd Batal / Via

    if you fancy getting a fringe, without the commitment then this style is for you. It's really cute and pretty easy to do. See how she got the look here.

    7. Half up half down

    AndreasChoice / Via

    Andrea has perfected this half up, half down look, just look at how stunning she looks. Watch how she does it here.

    8. The pinapple updo.

    Nina Deliz / Via

    This girl seriously knows her shit when it comes to curly hair. This hairstyle is easy and quick to do. Follow the tutorial here.

    9. Cute double buns

    The Find Guru / Via

    This hairstyle requires a little time and some fiddling, but it's so cute and so worth it. Check out the tutorial here. The tutorial starts at 3.36.

    10. French twist

    Go for the 'classy' look with French twist. Here's how to get the look

    11. Curly Faux Hawk

    Ariba Prevaiz / Via

    Yes, you can create a faux hawk with long curly hair, check out how Ariba does it here. It's easier than you think.

    12. Top knot

    Luhhsetty / Via

    Just look at how two braids can really jazz up a top knot. Here's how it's done. This video has 3 hairstyles that are all cute and worth trying.

    13. Half Up, half down with braided detail

    MaddieCuan / Via

    If you are not great at styling hair, you might need a little help with this. It's a little difficult , but it's also really cute. Check out how it's done here.

    14. Side braid

    NaturalNeiicey / Via

    This is just so cute and so simple to do – why would you not want to re-create it? Have a look at how it’s done here. It starts at 5:51.

    15. Two pigtail buns

    Gilmakeup / Via

    Gil's hair is long, curly and very thick, so if you have a similar hair type then you should watch her tutorials and get inspired. This style is fun and will take about five mins to achieve.

    16. This retro look.

    Shameless Maya / Via

    Maya is curly hair goals, and she styles her hair in so many cool ways. See how she got this look here.

    17. Crown bantu knots

    Quiesha Jay / Via

    This look is everything – adding bantu knots is really easy and it looks so good. See how Quiesha does it in this tutorial.

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