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7 Instagram Accounts That Are Just Really Pure And Wholesome

Posts for your soul.

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1. @wholesomememes

It is impossible to look at this page and not smile, or actually "aww" out loud. It is honestly the most positive place on Instagram.

2. @goats_gone_grazing_acres

Instagram: @goats_gone_grazing_acres

Just insanely cute baby goats, We really don't deserve this, just look at this baby in it's adorable striped jumper.

3. @mykidcanteatthis

Instagram: @mykidcanteatthis

This is less about the pictures, and more about the captions. The page uploads images of food that kids refuse to eat, and then captions it with the excuses. And honestly the excuses are just hilarious, kids are so pure!

4. @bonpon511

Instagram: @bonpon511

This couple have been married for over 37 years, and they wear matching outfits every day. They make sure their clothes complement one another, and it's so adorable.

5. @hedgehog_azuki

Instagram: @hedgehog_azuki

Just picture of Azuki the hedgehog living its best life.

6. @drakeoncake

Instagram: @drakeoncake

Take the lyrics from the sweetest rapper ever and put them on cakes, and what you get is actual perfection.

7. @thingsorganizedneatly

Instagram: @thingsorganizedneatly

This account is exactly what you think it is: things, organised neatly. It's so satisfying to look at.