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7 Posts That Are Worth Checking Out On Instagram

Do it for the gram.

1. Swatch dreams.

Instagram: @cocoaswatches

This is for every dark skin person who has gone through the struggle of looking for a foundation that suits their skin tone. The Cocoa Swatches page shows makeup swatches on dark complexions and it's a God send.

2. A work of art.

Instagram: @rawsueshii

Just look at how beautiful this drawing is! Christina Lorre is an illustrator and she posts the most beautiful artwork on her Instagram. Lorre's page is definitely worth a follow.

3. This hypnotising video.

Instagram: @makeup_clips

This video is basically porn. Just look all that blending work, the glitter eyeshadow, the brows. It's perfection.

4. This gorgeous coat.

Do you see this coat?! The Delafard Instagram page is fashion goals. Every day the page posts images of stunning outfits, that will inspire you to step up your fashion game.

5. So stunning.

Instagram: @habibadasilva

This muslim blogger designed a range of hijabs or all skin tones. Just look at all this beauty in one picture. Check out her page here.

6. This simple hairstyle.

Instagram: @naturalrootsista

This braid out is just so cute, and it's pretty easy to do too. Check out the @naturalrootsista for step by step instructions.

7. Because looking at good brows never gets old.

Instagram: @eyebrowtutorial

Anyone who is slightly obsessed with eyebrows knows that getting the perfect brows is a struggle and a work of art. So IF you just fancy looking at perfect eyebrows, then you should check this out.

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