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    17 Reasons Why Plus-Size Women Shouldn't Wear Bikinis

    "Bikinis just don't look nice on plus-size women."

    1. "Bikinis just don't look nice on plus-size women."

    2. "They just shouldn't wear them."

    3. "Why should I have to look at that on the beach?"

    4. "It's just not attractive."

    5. "They're not even beach body ready."

    6. "I mean does anyone actually find that sexy?"

    7. "Bikinis are not made for bigger girls."

    8. "Having all that skin out just makes everyone else feel uncomfortable."

    9. "I think it's so brave to wear a bikini when you are not slim."

    10. "I would never wear a bikini if I looked like that."

    11. "Maybe curvy girls should just wear black bikinis."

    12. "But why would big girls want to wear a bikini anyway?"

    13. "Do they even make bikinis in that size?"

    14. "Why don't they just wear one-piece swimsuits?"

    15. "I just don't think it looks good."

    16. "I just think you should dress for your size."

    17. "I don't think men like bodies like that."