17 People Who Definitely Invented The Colour Yellow

    The perfect match.... Don't @ me.

    1. This might be news to you, but the colour yellow was made for and by black people.

    2. It is literally a gift from God.

    3. It just looks so glorious.

    4. It looks royal.

    5. It's actual perfection.

    6. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

    7. I mean come on, just look at this.

    8. The flawless skin, the yellow top, the yellow wall.

    9. This whole yellow tracksuit.

    10. Look how stunning this is.

    11. Slay us queen!

    12. Just WOW!

    13. Name a better duo.

    14. I'll wait.

    15. Nope it's not possible. Because this duo is exquisite.

    16. Even if it's just a touch of yellow.

    17. It always looks so bloody amazing.