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17 People Who Definitely Invented The Colour Yellow

The perfect match.... Don't @ me.

1. This might be news to you, but the colour yellow was made for and by black people.

Instagram: @khadijashari

2. It is literally a gift from God.

Instagram: @mamacaxx

6. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Instagram: @jajajay_

7. I mean come on, just look at this.

Instagram: @withlovesao

8. The flawless skin, the yellow top, the yellow wall.

Instagram: @ronkeraji

9. This whole yellow tracksuit.

Instagram: @jules

15. Nope it's not possible. Because this duo is exquisite.

Instagram: @nestreya

16. Even if it's just a touch of yellow.

Instagram: @kofisiriboe

17. It always looks so bloody amazing.

Instagram: @young
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