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    17 Important Life-Changing Lessons We Learned From Our Mums

    "Always forgive, but never forget."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the best life advice from their mums . Here's what they said.

    1. "Learn to say no."

    2. "Life isn't fair."

    3. "You are important."

    4. "Always forgive, but never forget."

    5. "Step away from the situation and look at the bigger picture."

    6. "Never ever ignore your intuition."

    7. "You aren't responsible for other people's happiness."

    8. "Marry someone you love to talk to."

    9. "Love is completely unconditional."

    10. "Never make a big decision when you're tired."

    11. "Have a sense of adventure."

    12. "She taught me how to be a mum."

    13. "Learn to relax."

    14. "Don't skimp on shoes and a mattress."

    15. "Everyone you meet has a lot of stuff going on."

    16. "You're wasting your time crying about jealousy"

    17. "People come and people go."

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