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17 Pretty Incredible Nail Art Designs Inspired By Movies

Works of art.

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1. Which Hogwarts house do you belong in?

Instagram: @andreitus_nails

2. This brilliant homage to The Wizard Of Oz.

Instagram: @starrynail

4. This cloudy design inspired by the Toy Story movie.

Instagram: @destroyer_of_houseplants

5. This totally fetch nail art design.

Instagram: @shirbear1

8. Inspiration taken from a Hitchcock classic.

Instagram: @ashearer3

9. Apparently Jaws inspired nail art can be cute.

Instagram: @carlysisoka

12. Nail art inspired by Dead Pool.

Instagram: @nuyu_nails

14. This creepy creation inspired by The Ring.

Instagram: @starrynail

15. A shout-out to this classic movie.

Instagram: @cubbiful

16. This bloody scene from Kill Bill.

Instagram: @craftasticness

17. It's the Inside Out emotions.

Instagram: @aqua_salon