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    19 Men Who Have This Summer Style Thing Figured Out

    Summer time FLY!

    1. This guy gets all the style points.

    2. This simple vest and shorts outfit.

    3. This perfect nautical look.

    4. Summer time FLY!

    5. Minimalist bliss.

    6. A crisp white shirt is always a winner.

    7. Summer style 101.

    8. Can we have a moment for the printed trousers?

    9. Spot the turquoise shoes.

    10. Printed shorts = summer time.

    11. These two dapper AF guys.

    12. Beach outfit ready!

    13. A polo shirt is a summer must have.

    14. All the denim goals.

    15. Smart and cool at the same damn time.

    16. This shirt is giving all the summer vibes.

    17. 10 out of 10!

    18. Summer calls for short shorts.

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