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    16 Matte Lipsticks That Won't Leave Your Lips Dry And Flaky

    Avoid flaky, dry lips at all costs.

    1. NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick, £6.50

    The Lip Lingerie range is totally worth the hype: It features 12 shades of nudes, from dark browns to pale beiges. The colours are really pigmented, and they have a nice mousse texture that glides on the lips beautifully.

    2. Sleek Matte Me, £4.99

    These lipsticks have crazy staying power, and they don't leave your lips feeling dry and chapped.You can wear them alone or over any lip colour to make it matte, but if you are going to do this, be sure to prime the lips with lip balm before applying.

    Check out this review and demo here.

    3. Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint, £14

    This range from Tarte comes in 15 colours, including a really nice black matte shade. The colours are stunning, and this lipstick feels moist and lightweight on the lips. However, its staying power is not great, so be sure to carry the lipstick around with you.

    Check out a review on the lipsticks fromLeighannsays; it starts at 1:24.

    4. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour, £21

    OK, £21 is a little steep for lipstick, but it's MAC, and it looks so good. The collection comes in 15 shades (with the Feels So Grand and Oh Lady shades being my personal favourites). These lipsticks outdo the the regular matte MAC lipsticks because they actually stay put for the whole day.

    Watch the review here.

    5. Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick, £17

    This range comes in 18 shades, and it is what matte lipstick dreams are made of. The formula is very creamy, long-lasting, and pigmented AF. Primrose, which is a mauve pink shade, is a lovely colour and looks great on skin with yellow undertones.

    Here's a video showing what the colours look like on.

    6. E.l.f. Studio Velvet Matte Lipstick, £4.50

    Cheap and really good, this matte offering from E.l.f is really easy to apply and it doesn't drag on the lips. It's really creamy and highly pigmented, but it doesn't last very long, so you'll find that you will need to reapply it.

    Here's a review on the lip colours.

    7. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick, £14.00

    So if you've ever managed to get your hands on Jefferee Star velour lipstick, you will know how amazing the range is. Once dry, the lipsticks are smudge-proof, bleed-proof, and transfer-proof. The colours are very pigmented, although you will need two coats for the lighter colours.

    Also, the the black shade might be the best black matte lipstick about: It's a dark black that doesn't need to be darkened with eyeliner.

    8. Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme, £6.95

    The staying power on these lip colours is just amazing. You can eat, drink, kiss, or whatever else, and it will not come off. It goes on liquid but dries to a velvety finish, and you don't actually need to apply liner. It's best to prime your lips before using this range – and good luck trying to get it off.

    See Its My Raye Raye's thoughts on the video here.

    9. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick, £9

    For a matte lipstick, this Bourjois range leaves our lips feeling surprising hydrated. It goes on a little watery at first, but it dries to a beautiful, velvety finish. The vibrant pink shade, Ping Pong, has purple undertone that makes the colour pop even more. One coat is more than enough with these lipsticks – your lips will not feel dry.

    Have a look at the Pixie Woo review here.

    10. L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss, £5

    The name is a little confusing, but it is definitely a matte lipstick. It's not very highly pigmented – two coats are required for a non-patchy finish. The Flora shade is a great nude for dark skin tones.

    Check out this review.

    11. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, £23

    It's Charlotte Tilbury, so it's going to be good – really good. The formula is great, and the lipsticks are really hydrating. The range of colours are amazing, and the Birkin Brown is pretty much the perfect brown lipstick for everyone.

    Have a look at the reviews on MakeupAlley.

    12. NYX Matte Lipstick, £6.50

    Another great matte lipstick range from NYX. The Indie Flick shade is such a stunning colour and loved by almost every beauty blogger ever. The lipsticks feel luxurious on the lips and go on perfectly in a single swipe.

    13. Topshop Lip Bullet £8

    The jumbo lip crayon applies like a lipstick thanks to its slanted head. It has a velvety matte texture and goes on smoothly. The range includes lovely shades of nudes, pinks, and browns. They have decent staying power, but you will need to reapply.

    Check out this review by Becca Rose; the actual lip review starts at 7:41.

    14. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, £8.99

    These Revlon matte lipsticks feel lightweight and really comfortable on the lips. However, if you are looking for a super-matte finish, you probably should give this a miss, as the finish is semi-matte – though you can also pat on some concealer over it if you are after a really matte look.

    Check out this review.

    15. Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick, £9.50

    The Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks feel so nice on the lips. Colour stays put for the whole day, and the gorgeously colored, fully pigmented lipstick does not get tacky on the lips.

    Check out this stunning tutorial using Gerard Cosmetics lipstick.

    16. Dose of Colours, £14.50

    The Dose of Colours range is stunning. The packaging looks so good, and the actual lipstick is even better. The formulation is a thicker consistency compared with most matte lipsticks, and the pigmentation is just beautiful. It really lasts all day.

    See a tutorial using Dose of Colours here.


    The shade in number 13 is called Indie Flick. A previous version of this article said it was called Indian Flick.