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    21 Times Feminists Were Both Real And Funny On Tumblr

    "Feminism? no, thanks I prefer gender equality. Water? No thanks, I prefer h2O."

    1. The perfect mansplaining game.

    2. When you're just trying to get a word in.

    3. Men gearing up to ruin anything women enjoy.

    4. When nobody asked this guy.

    5. When your face says it all.

    6. When Carson was being an absolute dick.

    7. On bullshit love songs.

    8. When it's all so confusing.

    9. On respecting women.

    10. When you are black, a woman and tired.

    11. On making people explain themselves.

    12. When women trap men.

    13. When men make your experiences about them.

    14. When you refuse to give up.

    15. When grown women don't need permission from men.

    16. When people misunderstand feminism.

    17. This brilliant comparison.

    18. When woke bae's true colours start to show.

    19. Because the pay gap isn't real anyway. Right?

    20. When people touch you without your consent.

    21. When you just want your voice to be heard.