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17 Pictures Of Beautiful Bearded Men That Might Make You Pregnant

Gods amongst men.

1. The beard, the muscles, the sultry stare. What a gift.

Instagram: @travis

2. This delight and his silvery beard.

Instagram: @sir_ndrewsilver

4. Possibly the suavest man to ever live.

Instagram: @roque_80

5. Just look at this beautiful, joyful guy. Look at him!

Instagram: @jules

7. You need contraception to look at this.

Instagram: @itsdonbenjamin

9. Beard and bunnies, what a sight.

Instagram: @beardandbunny

10. You're a little thirsty, ain't you?

Instagram: @levistocke

12. It's like he is staring into your soul.

Instagram: @the_l_word

13. Take your time, take this all in.

Instagram: @shaun_garvey

15. This perfect mix of ruggedness and class.

Instagram: @adamjosephchase
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