17 Pictures Of Beautiful Bearded Men That Might Make You Pregnant

    Gods amongst men.

    1. The beard, the muscles, the sultry stare. What a gift.

    2. This delight and his silvery beard.

    3. What a work of art.

    4. Possibly the suavest man to ever live.

    5. Just look at this beautiful, joyful guy. Look at him!

    6. This dreamboat.

    7. You need contraception to look at this.

    9. Beard and bunnies, what a sight.

    10. You're a little thirsty, ain't you?

    11. Literally so thirsty!!

    12. It's like he is staring into your soul.

    13. Take your time, take this all in.

    14. So dashing, so dapper.

    15. This perfect mix of ruggedness and class.

    17. Yep, PREGNANT!