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    Just 17 Tweets Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The Show "Naked Attraction"

    RIP our eyes.

    Channel Four have made some pretty shocking shows in their time, but "Naked Attraction" might just be the worst one yet.

    Studio Lambert / Via

    Basically someone chooses who they want to date by looking at people naked in boxes one bit at a time.

    Yep true stories.

    And because Twitter is just the best, it did a really good job of summarising all our feelings about the show.

    1. Yep! This is really happening.

    I have left my wife at home watching #nakedattraction. And she is not bearing up well, it would seem.

    2. The good old days.

    Watched Naked Attraction @C4Naked on @Channel4 last night. Wow. It's a long way from Blind Date on Saturday evenings. I feel 700 years old.

    3. A story to tell the kids.

    "How did you and mum meet??'" "Well I went on a tv show and saw her bare fanny and knew she was the one for me" #nakedattraction

    4. Bring back Tinder.

    #nakedattraction Call me old fashioned but I prefer the old days where you'd swipe left or right to let someone know if you fancied them.

    5. Seriously WHY?!

    There was a second episode of Naked Attraction? Why??

    6. It takes you by surprise.

    what on earth is this #nakedattraction, casually flicking through the chan-BAM 6 DICKS IN MY FACE.

    7. Not one to watch with your mum.

    The reaction as my mum tried to come into the room as I'm watching #nakedattraction

    8. Seriously don't watch it with your mum.

    My Mum has gone very VERY quiet...#NakedAttraction

    9. Pure filth!

    When you watch #NakedAttraction for the first time

    10. You want to watch but you also don't want to watch.

    Okay I was trashing #NakedAttraction but as soon as the dude got naked I'm like

    11. It's just so weird.

    This is pretty much me right now #nakedattraction

    12. We are Eurotrash

    naked attraction is like, remember we used to laugh at eurotrash, now we are eurotrash

    13. Same!

    Turns out that #nakedattraction was an actual TV show. I stumbled upon it and went immediately to bed assuming I was ill and hallucinating.

    14. Looking on the bright side.

    One positive from #nakedattraction is that it normalises bodies and pushes against the pursuit of Instagram perfection.

    15. What wardrobe?

    Well this seems the most unnecessary job on the show #nakedattraction

    16. Ehew ehew ehew.

    When you accidentally turn on #nakedattraction

    17. It's all too much!

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