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It Turns Out There IS Something Serena Williams Can't Do

But it's okay.

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Everyone loves Serena Williams, right? I mean how can you not? She is talented, magical, and just so freaking glorious.

She is funny, a bloody champion, and her body is FIRE. Like, seriously, what did we do to deserve her?

But, and it hurts me so much to say this, despite being amazing at almost everything, Serena really can't dance.

Like, you're almost watching through your fingers, bad.

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Serena Williams and Malia Obama came out this week determined to defy stereotypes about black women and dancing well.

Somebody tell Serena Williams that dancing isn't her thing but that's okay.


Serena Williams will always be bae BUT queen we gotta work on that dancing 😩😩

Serena Williams can teach me a lot of things however dancing is not one of them

Serena Williams is capable of otherworldly things. Twerking is not one of those things.