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7 Instagram Posts You Should Definitely Check Out

Best of the gram.

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1. Photoshop king.

Instagram: @fjamie013

This Instagram feed is hilarious. James Fridman is a designer who gets photoshop requests from people and he fulfills them, very literally. It's a work of art really.

2. Taking it back, way back.

Instagram: @gabriel_held

Labeled “the king of the throwback,” stylist and vintage dealer Gabriel Held posts beautiful fashion images from back in the day. Just look at this stunning throwback of Naomi Campbell.

3. Coffee worth waking up for.

Instagram: @yoyoha

Cartoonist turns coffee cups into comics and it will definitely brighten up your mornings.

4. Model toy.

Photographer Darryl Jones, uses his toy Stormtrooper to create hilarious photoshoots. Eric is a sensitive Stormtrooper who enjoys chess, motorbiking and painting.

5. Food art.

Samantha Lee, a mother of two, began making bento art so her daughter ,who is a fussy eater, would try more things. Her dishes tell a story and it's just so cute.

6. No such thing as being too prepared.

Instagram: @penpapersoul

This page will inspire you to get your whole life together. It's filled with pictures of really impressive journals and just looking at them will make you feel more organised.

7. Fashion pup.

Instagram: @trotterpup

Possibly the most fashionable French Bulldog you will ever see. Plus he has a killer hat collection.