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7 Crazy Talented Artists You Should Follow On Instagram

Art lovers unite.

1. @elenakalis

Instagram: @elenakalis

It's a page filled with underwater photography, of course it's going to beautiful.

2. @anne_bengard_art

Instagram: @anne_bengard_art

Anne Bengard the watercolorist behind this page is so crazy talented. Her page is filled with rainbow-hued art work that are both gothic and pretty.

3. @yesterdaynite

Instagram: @yesterdaynite

This artist turns memes into works of art and it's so bloody amazing.

4. @museumbabes

Instagram: @museumbabes

This page is filled with pictures of women in some of the world's most stunning museums and galleries. It's definitely worth a follow.

5. @mcfreshcreates

Instagram: @mcfreshcreates

This page is bright, colourful and just so freaking cool.

6. @natalyalobanova

Instagram: @natalyalobanova

Art and humour, what more could you ask? Natalya's work is both funny and very aesthetically pleasing.

7. @kelshmeamy

This page is the brainchild of Kelsey Amy, who is really into personalising her trainers. She draws amazing artwork, mainly inspired by cartoons, and it's just so good. Just a little warning you will definitely be tempted to make an order for your own custom shoes.

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