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7 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If You Love Food

Just pictures of stunning food.

1. @Idolcidigulliver

Instagram: @idolcidigulliver

This Instagram page is filled with pastry designs and it's absolutely adorable. The page is run by pastry chef Matteo Stucchi, from Italy and his work is just so good.

2. @bakedbybenji

Instagram: @bakedbybenji

You might remember Benjamina from last years Bake Off and, honestly her page is just as great as she is. Have a look at it if you're into nice cakes, tarts and breads.

3. @icecreamking

Instagram: @icecreamking

If you're really into ice cream, then this is the page for you. It's just filled with ice cream pictures that will have you craving the sweet treat.

4. @howsweeteats

Instagram: @howsweeteats

All the food porn you could ever need. The page run by Jessica Merchan is filled with so many tempting food pictures and recipes.

5. Proper_tasty

Instagram: @proper_tasty

Delicious food videos, with full recipes, on your Instagram feed. What more could you ask for. Be prepared to be inspired.

6. @Pasta

Instagram: @pasta

Follow this page because pasta is the best dish ever. The Pasta page is just pictures of delicious look pasta dishes.

7. @Sprinklesforbreakfast

Instagram: @sprinklesforbreakfast

If you’re into desserts, sweets, and bright colours, then this page is perfect for you. It’s a stunning collection of cakes and sweet treats.

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