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I Used The New "Primer" Everyone On YouTube Is Talking About

Beauty bloggers told me to.

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So, NikkiTutorials introduced YouTube to a new magic "primer" and beauty bloggers have been losing their shit over it. The "primer" is the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm, which costs £5.35 in Boots.

The balm is meant to calm skin after shaving and help with all shaving-related irritation, and I'm sure it's great for all that stuff, but I'm more concerned about how good a primer it is. So I decided to try it out, because most of my makeup decisions are based on advice from YouTube .

Here's me using my normal primer, the Benefit Porefessional Face Primer. I have tried so many primers and I'm yet to find one I like better than this.

My skin is both dry and oily – I know that makes no damn sense because these two things should be opposites, but combination skin is a bitch. So, because of this my normal routine consists of a oil-free moisturiser, primer, and a mattifying finishing spray. These steps have to be followed or my makeup will turn to shit.

I've been using Benefit primer for a while now and I have no complaints: It mattifies my skin and leaves a really nice velvety finish. However, I'm not not a huge fan of the £24.50 price tag – yep, £24.50 for a small bloody tube with not that much product. So I'm crossing every crossable thing on my body in hope that the shave balm lives up to its hype.

For the sake of the experiment I switched up my normal routine: I used my moisturiser as normal, then the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a primer and skipped the matte finishing spray.

The first picture is at the start of the day and the second at the end of the day. I didn't reapply or blot my skin for the whole day, which was really bloody hard for me.

Effectiveness: 7/10

It gets the job done, and it does it surprisingly well. My makeup looked good in the morning and still looked good when I checked it mid-day. And I don't know how, but it did the unthinkable: I had no transfer on my white keyboard the whole day. This is a big deal!

But as you can see by the end of the day, my face was pretty shiny, and my forehead, which is the breeding ground of grease, had no makeup left on it. But considering I had been wearing my makeup for 14 hours and I hadn't used any finishing spray or blotted, this shine is not that bad.

Smell/Packaging/Texture: 3/10

So before trying this out, my biggest worry wasn't whether I would break out or anything, it was that I would smell like a man, and I did. I smelled like man/boy who had just discovered Lynx, but this smell quickly goes away. The balm is really thin and pretty watery, so it takes a while to dry, plus once it dries it feels very tacky on the skin, which just doesn't feel very nice.

Value: 10/10

The balm costs £5.35 for 100ml of product. I mean, do I need to say any more?

Overall Verdict: 6/10

I'm kinda impressed and I would use it again, with finishing spray. But would I swap my Benefit primer for it? Probably not, but I would definitely keep it in my makeup bag for all primer-related emergencies, or for when I can't afford to fork out £24.50.