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How "Woke" Are You?

Are you up to date on all things problematic?

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  1. First and foremost, what does "woke" even mean?

    Ridofranz / Thinkstock
    It's the past tense of "wake".
    Something to do with Black Twitter.
    Something I’m trying to be.
    A cultural push to challenge problematic norms and injustices through complete awareness.
  2. Raven Symoné is...

    Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images
    From every continent in Europe.
    From every continent in Africa.
  3. When is Black History Month?

    claudiodivizia / Blablo101 / Thinkstock
    February in America, October in the UK.
    Black history month? We need a whole damn year!
    I don’t know, but more importantly, why isn’t there a white history month?!
  4. Complete this sentence:

  5. What are the Oscars?

    Mladen Antonov / Getty Images
    An annual American awards ceremony hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognise excellence in cinematic achievements in the film industry.
    A great opportunity to see my fave celebs dressed in cute outfits.
    So white.
  6. How offended are you by white people in cornrows?

    Patrick Kovarik / AFP / Getty Images
    Not offended at all! It's just hair.
    Why should I be offended? Black people wear straight weaves all the time and no one says anything to them.
    Don't even get me started. How dare they?
    I don’t care, as long as they don’t pretend they invented it.
  7. Who were the Black Panthers?

    Photo 12 / Getty Images
    A terrorist group.
    A political organisation set up in the US in 1966 to fight for black rights.
    Beyonce's backup dancers.
    I thought "Black Panther" was a film?
  8. Who can use the N-word?

    DeanDrobot / Thinkstock
    No one.
    Black people.
    As long as your black friends say it's cool, you can use it.
    If you like rap music, you have no choice but to use it tbh.
  9. What does it mean to be "pro-black"?

    CPaulussen / Thinkstock
    Pro-black means to be for and about your people. To be for the togetherness and unity of the black community.
  10. What's wrong with this picture?

    @ELLECanda Twitter
    Dashikis aren’t new.
    Dashikis aren’t new or an “it-item".
    She should smile a little.
  11. You decide to go as Kanye West for a Halloween party, but you're not black. Do you paint your face?

    Donato Sardella / Getty Images
    NO WAY! That's blackface!
    Absolutely! I want to make it look authentic, after all.
    I'd be too scared to offend anyone...
    I’ll ask my black friends if it's ok.
  12. "White privilege" is...

    Twitter: @GlamazonJay
    Being able to speak on a particular subject without being the sole representative for your entire race.
    Never having to inform your children about systemic racism.
    Being able to speck articulately without being accused of "sounding white".
    All of the above.
  13. Do you see colour?

    karelnoppe / Thinkstock
    I don't have a choice.
    ABSOLUTELY not we’re all humans.
    I have eyes, so yes, but it's never in a negative way.
    I see the world how Meryl Streep sees it, we're all Africans really.

How "Woke" Are You?

You got: I never sleep!

You stay woke! Sleep for what?! Not only are you aware of all the fuckery that goes on in the world, but you actively try to challenge it. You are so woke, you can spot a fake from a mile away.

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You got: Generally woke, but occasionally napping

You're trying, you really are. You're clued up on most issues and you try to be as unproblematic as possible, but you find it a little exhausting.

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You got: Woke when necessary.

You can be a little out of the loop when it comes to how messed up the world really is, and you're only made aware of it when something truly shocking happens to wake you up. There's definitely space for improvement when it comes to your knowledge of injustices.

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You got: Not woke at all.

You're bored of people constantly complaining and you think too much political correctness will be the downfall of humanity. I mean, do we HAVE to keep talking about ~slavery~? Can't people just get over it? Racism doesn't even exist anymore! If that sounds like you, I'm afraid you are not woke at all, my friend.

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