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    17 Halloween Makeup Looks That Won't Cost You A Penny

    All you need is the contents of your makeup bag.

    1. This old lady transformation.

    Madeyewlook / Via

    No latex or body paint needed, all it took to create this look was brown eyeshadow and eyeliner. Follow the tutorial here.

    2. This simple, just impressive look.

    Leyla Rose / Via

    A strong smokey eye, red eye liner and red lipstick is all you need to create this look. Get the tutorial here.

    3. This wonder woman comic look.

    NikkieTutorials / Via

    So this looks needs a steady hand and some makeup skill, but if you can manage a good eyeliner flick, you can do this. See how Nikki did it here.

    4. This scarecrow look.

    sonjdradeluxe / Via

    This halloween look is creative and pretty easy to do yourself. The steps are pretty clear cut, so it's worth a try. Find out how it's done here.

    5. This frozen inspired look.

    My Pale Skin / Via

    If you're going to be a Disney princess for halloween, then you might as well be Elsa. Just do your normal makeup a little paler than usual and add pink eyeshadow. Find out how it's done here.

    6. The go-to halloween look.

    TianaCosmetics / Via

    A sexy cat is always a good idea when you're really stuck. This look is really easy and all you need is a good eyeliner. Find out how it's done here.

    7. This look inspired by the icon that is Betty Boop.

    Ellarie / Via

    This look is cute and pretty easy to re-create. Just grab some glossy red lipstick to complete the look. Check out the full tutorial here.

    8. The creepy doll look.

    KARMAN / Via

    Black eyeliner, white eyeliner and a red lipstick is all that is needed to create this look. And if you want to create extra drama use some falsies. Check out how to get the look.

    9. This poison ivy makeup look.

    Alissa Ashley / Via

    How stunning is this look? The eyebrows are done using red liquid lipstick and even if you don't have green eye shadow in a palette somewhere, it's worth getting. Check out the full tutorial here.

    10. The catwoman look.

    Jackie Aina / Via

    It doesn't get much easier then this. You can literally put your makeup on as normal and then draw on the mask. Here's the full tutorial.

    11. Another creepy doll look.

    Sayan Yildiz / Via

    The only part of this that might be a little tricky is the ombre lip, everything else is pretty easy to do. Find out how it's done here.

    12. This cool pop art look.

    Kathryn Bedell / Via

    This is how to do artistic but still cute on halloween. The red dots are done using red lipstick, and the whole look is not as complicated as it looks.

    13. Add veins to your look.

    Shaaanxo / Via

    This look gives sick/dead vibes, which is perfect for halloween. Get a thin makeup brush, some liner and you're good to go. Find out how it's done here.

    14. This IT inspired look.

    Wesley Benjamin Carter / Via

    A beat face and some red liquid lipstick is all you need to create this look. Get the full tutorial here.

    15. Add some spider legs to your look.

    LeSassafras / Via

    This pretty impressive look was created using eyeliner and some black eyeshadow, which everyone can get their hands on. Get the full tutorial here.

    16. This stunning Cleopatra look.

    msroshposh / Via

    If looking creepy is not your thing, then you should definitely go for this glamorous look. You do need some makeup skill, but it's worth a try. Check out the full tutorial here.

    17. This strong werewolf look.

    Chrisspy / Via

    A whole heap of brown eyeshadow is needed for this look, but just look at how stunning, yet creepy it is. Check out the full tutorial here.