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17 Places To Eat Finger-Lickin’ Chicken Wings In London

Chi chi chicken wing.

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1. The Blues Kitchen

Instagram: @theblueskitchen

The buffalo wings with a coating of blue cheese dip is amazing. Like, really amazing. Plus the cocktails in this place are equally as good as the wings, so it's basically a win win.

2. Chick 'N' Sours

Instagram: @chicknsours

They do tamarind and chilli caramel wings, something you might not think you would like, but I assure it's really bloody good.

3. Ninth Ward

If you are in the Farringdon area and fancy an American dining experience and succulent wings, Ninth Yard makes complete and utter sense.

4. Meat Market

So this place does really good burgers and amazing chilli cheese chips, but it's the chicken wings that are the real heroes on the menu. Try it with some hot sauce and you are in for the best chicken wing treat ever.

5. Clutch

Instagram: @clutchchicken

The whole restaurant is dedicated to chicken, so of course the wings are going to be good. Plus to make it better they do 30% off EVERY Monday.

6. Clockjack

Instagram: @clockjack

Another place dedicated to chicken, what a time to be alive. The wings are cooked in rotisserie ovens, and you get a choice of BBQ or chilli flavours.

7. Bird

Instagram: @bird_restaurant

Bird is getting very popular now, and rightly so, as the food tastes amazing. They serve wings all the time, but you should pop down on Wednesdays when you can get 12 wings and a beer for just a tenner.

8. Bodean's

Instagram: @bodeansbbq

You'd expect a place that focuses on BBQ to be pretty good at wings, and yep they really are. Don't hold back with the wings either, you have to really get involved to appreciate the goodness.

9. Red Dog Saloon

Instagram: @reddogsaloon

This place really does deserve the hype. The whole menu is pretty good, and the wings are the best things on the menu. But don't do the hot wings challenge, seriously don't, it will ruin your life.

10. Sticky Wings

Instagram: @stickywings

Life doesn't get much better than a big basket of wings from this place. The buffalo wings are amazing, but if you really want a treat you should try the hot chilli and jerk twist wings.

11. Smoking Goat

Instagram: @smokinggoatsoho

Pretty much everything on the menu is amazing, but the fried chicken wings in soy sauce is mind blowing. Yep that good.

12. The Orange Buffalo

If you haven't tried buffalo wings in this place, then MY FRIEND YOU HAVE NOT LIVED. It's that good. The New York-style buffalo wings are served out of a food truck in Shoreditch and they are just so good. And if you're into spicy food you should try the snake in the basket, it's a roulette with the most spice wing they have.

13. Randy's Wing Bar

Instagram: @randyswingbar

The restaurant is by a canal in East London and it's just the cutest place. You can get 5 different wing options including a Bombay flavoured wing, but you should definitely choose the buffalo option, add a little Frank's hot sauce and you are in chicken wing heaven.

14. Honky Tonk

Instagram: @honkytonklondon

Coat your wings in BBQ, buffalo or peri peri sauce and live your best life. The wings are tender and so delicious.

15. Shackfuyu

Instagram: @shackfuyu

Good ramen, but the chicken wings, oh the chicken wings! The Korean wings in this place are to die for.

16. Big Easy

Instagram: @bigeasylondon

You will definitely want to dive into a bucket of chicken wings from Big Easy. The Big Easy branch in Canary Wharf is worth the visit. It's a nice chilled out vibe and it has lovely terrace seating.

17. Chooks

Instagram: @chookschickens

Loved by Muswell Hill locals, Chooks is a cute family restaurant with really great chicken wings.