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9 Useful Hacks For Really Hot Days

Includes tricks that will help you get a good night's sleep.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they deal with really hot days. Here's what they said.

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1. For getting a good night's sleep in the heat.

"For a good night's sleep, get cotton everything. Cotton underwear, cotton pajamas, cotton blankets, if you're the type who needs a blanket no matter the season."– julitzavasquez

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"I keep a squirt bottle by my bed with water and a few drops of lavender essential oil. I spray my sheets down before bed and if I wake up hot, I spray some more. Keeps me cool and helps me not freak out about being so hot." – ericancurry

2. Store your beauty products in the fridge.

"Keep a stick of deodorant in the fridge. After coming in from a hot and muggy day, nothing feels better than cool armpits." – erikac434ff2bf9

"Keep your skin care in the fridge. It'll calm redness and the cold can shrink pimples and firm skin." – kenzieiscarson

3. Wear the right clothes.

"I work outside for a living and have developed quite a few tips over the years for dealing with heat. First, pay close attention to the fabrics and fit of clothes. Choose moisture-wicking, breathable, and loose-fitting clothes whenever you can. Also think about colour. I love black, but a black shirt when it's sunny will make you miserable. Sometimes less clothes doesn't always equal being less sweaty. Clothing can protect you from the sun and sunburn and we all want to avoid sunburn. And lastly, wear a hat outside. Be it a fun casual cap or a big glamorous floppy straw hat, it will help you avoid sun burning your face and premature wrinkles." – OMGitsaClaire

"Wearing a nice top and some shorts might seem practical but really isn't. Wear something thin and loose so your body can breathe or else you'll sweat." – QueeLiz

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4. For when you need to feel cool, instantly.

"If I'm overheating I run cold water over my wrists. It instantly cools the rest of my body and is less annoying than splashing water on my face." – Daniellelkins

"Take strip of cloth (preferably cotton) and soak it in water. Whenever you feel really hot, just place it around your neck like a scarf and you'll be instantly cooled down. This prevents heat stoke." – mirandatrevinog

"When it's really hot and I need to be inside at a desk, I fill a bowl with cold water and I sit with my feet in it. It really helps keep me cool and it's very cheap."– theapprovingseal

"Peppermint oil behind the knees, inside of the wrists, behind the ears, and basically on any pulse point. Within 5 minutes, you'll go from melting to shivering. Plus, you'll smell like a candy cane!" – LilMissHarper

5. Deodorant everywhere!

"Deodorant everywhere! I am a curvy girl, who has big boobs, and thighs that are best friends. Because of that, I sweat and I chafe and I learned that deodorant is the best thing I can use during the summer. I put it under my boobs and on my inner thighs. And it's literally the best thing I do each day, especially when I'm wearing a dress, shorts, or a bra." – alyssas42acbaeb5

"Best thing for chub rub is some deodorant and a healthy dusting of Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder. The powder smells amazing and actually really works and makes your skin uber soft." – juliam4d9fafbd6

6. For when you want a really cold drink.

"Here's a tip for when you want a really cold drink, quickly. You should wrap the beer, or any other drink of choice, with a wet paper towel. Stick it in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes and enjoy your cold refreshment." – liinal2

7. For when you're really sweaty.

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"Spray a little Mario Badescu Rose Water Face Spray on your face when you're hot. It cools you down and sets your makeup. Win/win. – Genevieve Dumire-Hamilton, Facebook

"To help prevent sweaty, smelly feet, spray them with aerosol deodorant before putting on socks. If you're wearing sandals, then use baby powder instead. I've been doing this for years, and it works great. Also, wear cotton socks, so your feet can breathe." – Allyson Heller, Facebook

8. For your general health.

"HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION. Seriously, this is the single most important thing you can do in the heat. Cut out the sodas and other drinks, and drink WATER. Even if you're not going to be outside for a long time, drinking water is still so important. Sports drinks are only okay if you're actually doing super intense sports and losing a ton of electrolytes. Not for the average person!"

"Eat!! I know this sounds weird, but in my experience, my appetite decreases in the heat, so sometimes I forget to eat as much as I should. That's not good, because my body has already lost a lot of nutrients from being so hot. So just remember to eat frequent small snacks with plenty of salt to replace what you've sweated out." – Mary Feitz, Facebook

9. To help tame your frizzy hair.

"To tame frizzy hair, the avocado and olive oil mix is great. Apply the mix to your hair, and then wash your hair after." – julitzavasquez

"If you need to tame your frizzy hair down, just apply some conditioner on it. It can be a bit weird to put conditioner in dry hair, but it really does help." – QueeLiz

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