21 Really Cute Tattoos That Are Perfect For Couples

    A forever kind of love, literally.

    1. This simple expression of love.

    2. So you can hold hands, even when you can't hold hands.

    3. Make a wish.

    4. This real symbol of love.

    5. For when you're both really into trainers.

    6. A tattoo that belongs just to the two of you.

    7. Hugs and kisses.

    8. Love, peace and unity.

    9. A remake of a Picasso classic.

    10. Mr & Mrs Goose.

    11. This colourful work of art.

    12. The perfect match.

    13. For when you complete each other.

    14. These delicate roses.

    15. A Disney love story.

    16. This very unique tattoo idea.

    17. A promise to never let go.

    18. These pixelated love hearts.

    19. A happy place for the both of you.

    21. For when Star Wars is life!