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    21 Hacks, Products And Tips Everyone Who Wears Clothes Should Know

    The clothes rule book.

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    1. Use a hair dryer to remove wrinkles from your clothing, if you can't be bothered to iron.

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    Check out this video to see how it's done.

    2. Stop your shorts from riding up by sewing on stiffened material.

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    So this trick requires a little sewing work, but it is really worth trying. Check out how it's done here.

    3. Make any bra a racerback bra with a paper clip.


    And if you don't fancy this DIY version, you can actually buy bra clips.

    Have a look at this video for more bras hacks.

    4. Hand wash your bra, or use a cool wash in washing machine, before wearing it. This will help to soften up the fabric and make it a more comfortable fit.

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    Have a look at this video to see how to hand wash your bra correctly.

    5. Adjust your bra frequently, like every time you wear it.


    Your bra size can and will change. Your menstruation cycle, weight gain/loss can affect your bra size, so it's worth regularly adjusting your strap.

    Also wear and tear will result in a bra losing its shape, so adjusting the straps can help put it back in shape.

    You can read more ways to make your bra more comfortable here.

    6. Use a shaving cream to remove foundation stains.

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    Shaving cream has cleaning agents that break through stains before you wash it. Cover the stain with shaving cream, let it soak and then rinse.

    Check out this post for for more stain removing hacks.

    7. It's also worth getting measured every time you buy a new bra.

    8. Get ride of wet or dry wine stains from clothes or carpet with WineAway.

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    Promising review: "Simply the best. I have used this for five years. I used it for red wine spills ( wet and dry), coffee stains and dye residue from dark jeans. It is the best. It removes everything with minimum effort." Marvin Seem

    Get it here, £10.

    9. Avoid moisturising your boob area when you're wearing a strapless bra.

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    Doing this will allow your bra to stick to your skin as much as possible.

    Find out more ways to make your bra more comfortable here.

    10. Use vaseline to remove scuff stains on patent shoes.


    Put some petroleum jelly on a soft cloth, then rub the scuff marks until it's gone.

    Find out more ways to clean patent shoes here.

    11. People with a G to H cup size should avoid T-shirt bras.

    Kelly Dunmore, chief lingerie stylist at the luxury lingerie retailer Rigby and Peller says; "I wouldn't really recommend T-shirt bras for G to H cups, because the lack of seams means less support. It's the seams of a bra that put your breasts in position. So without seams the bra has less support and longevity, especially for people with bigger breasts."

    Find out more bra fitting tips here.

    12. Use an elastic band to help keep your zip up.

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    So simple, yet so effective, check out how it's done here.

    Check out more clothes hacks here.

    13. Get a plunge bra for when you're wearing clothes with a deep neckline.


    Get it here, £26.

    Available in sizes 34B to 38D.

    14. You can unshrink a cotton jumper by soaking it in warm water and hair conditioner for a few minutes.

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    This works with T-shirts and jeans too, soaking the clothes for about 10 minutes will relax the the fibers and unshrink them.

    Check out more clothes hacks here.

    15. A full-cup bra is great when you're wearing anything turtle neck.

    Nestled In Nostalgia

    "The full bra gives the boobs a great shape that looks good under turtlenecks. It's not particularly sexy, but you can run for a bus and know everything will stay in place, says Kelly Dunmore.

    Find out more bra tips here.

    16. Stretch out tight shoes with thick socks and a hairdryer.

    Emma Cooke/BuzzFeed

    If your shoes are too tight or giving you blisters, try wearing a pair of thick socks with them and then heating the tight spots with a blowdryer. Emma tried it and it really works.

    17. See if jeans fit without trying them on by placing the waistline of the jeans around your neck.


    Check out this video to see how it's done.

    18. If you need to measure your bust yourself, you should measure under your pits and around the fullest part of your chest.

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    To learn more about taking your own measurements, go here.

    19. Attach shower curtain rings to a hanger to save space in your wardrobe.

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    Instead of hanging all your vest tops on different hangers, attach shower rings to one hanger and have them all in one place.

    Check out more clothes hacks here.

    20. Use baby powder to remove oil stains.


    Just coat the mark with baby powder and let it stand overnight. By morning, the stain should be gone.

    21. Use a pumice stone to de-fuzz your jumpers.

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    This works so well, have a look at this video to see how it works.