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    11 Breakups Everyone Will Probably Experience

    It happens to the best of us.

    1. The 'first love' breakup.

    Bad Girls Club / Via Oxygen

    This breakup is awful, and it feels like you're never going to get over it. It comes with so much tears, sad music and locking yourself away from the world.

    It's also the kind of breakup that makes you want to find yourself, which is the good part. It makes you want to love yourself, and focus on being the best version of you.

    2. The 'oh shit, I thought this was going well' breakup.

    Iroko / Via Iroko TV

    You've had no clues, no little niggles, no doubts, like you really didn't see this coming. And then BAM!

    This kind of breakup comes with so many questions. Like what did I do? Where did it all go wrong? Is this a joke? But it's fine, it happens to the best of us.

    3. The 'drawn out, this should have ended up months ago' breakup.

    Bachelor in Paradise / Via ABC

    So this breakup takes its sweet time. The initial 'this isn't working out' conversation lasts for about four hours. It's filled with tears and so much emotions. But that's the first part, it's then followed with many closure meet ups, phone conversations, and occasional sex. It is even over yet?

    4. The 'this is the right thing to do' breakup.

    The Young And Restless / Via CBS

    This is the ideal breakup. It's two adults deciding that it's just not working out anymore. It's mutual, it's not messy and no one is hurt. It's so seamless, you can actually be friends straight after.

    5. The 'shit this is a horrible mistake' breakup.

    Ellen / Via

    This breakup tends to last about a day or two. You get into a huge argument, you say things you don't mean, you break up and then makeup not too long after. This is the kind of breakup that your friends roll their eyes at, because you've done it one too many times. But hey, we're all working on our emotional intelligence.

    6. The 'don't talk to me ever again' breakup.

    Vevo / Via Rihanna Vevo

    This is that breakup that makes you mad every time you think about it, it makes your blood boil. Right after this breakup you blocked them on everything. When you said you never want to see or speak to them again, you meant it.

    7. The 'you did the dumping' breakup.

    Keeping Up With The Kardashians / Via E!

    You are the bad guy in this situation, you are the person who broke someone's heart. You feel bad, and you care about the person, but you care about you more. And that's ok.

    8. The 'really informal, and quite frankly very rude' breakup

    Saturday Night Live / Via N

    You're not hurt by the breakup, you're just offended. Like did someone really just dump you via Snapchat. It's just so rude.

    9. The 'ghosting' breakup.

    @merriam-webster / Via merriam-webster

    It goes from talking all day to one word replies, and then you just get cut off, with no explanation. It's the whole disappearing act, that makes this so fucking painful. At first you're worried and then you're just angry, really fucking angry.

    10. The "best friend" breakup.

    Girls / Via HBO

    Nothing will break your heart more than a best friend breakup. This person was literally your soul mate, and the thought of both of you not speaking is so fucking hard. These breakups are mostly based on legit hurtful reasons, like trust issues, repeated unhealthy behaviour and hurtful comments. Reasons so legit and painful, you can't go back.

    11. The 'your friends are really happy about this' breakup.

    How I Met Your Mother / Via CBS

    You knew your friends weren't the biggest fans of your relationship, but shit you didn't expect them to be this thrilled about the breakup. What's good about this, is that it makes you realise you did the right thing.

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