17 Cake Designs That Are Just Absolutely Stunning

    Almost too pretty to eat, almost.

    1. It looks so bright, so colourful, so yummy.

    2. The cake of all cakes.

    3. This stunning pastel cake.

    4. Actual perfection.

    5. Wholesome, yet fancy AF!

    6. So freaking cute.

    7. This Beauty and the Beast cake.

    8. It's all so luxurious.

    9. City sights.

    10. For someone who is really into watermelons.

    11. Yep, it's a cake.

    12. For the true Gryffindor.

    13. Just look at the incredible details.

    14. It's Pikachu!

    15. A tea lover's dream.

    16. How pretty is this rainbow cake.

    17. Out of this world.