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    16 People Who Really Shouldn't Be Wearing That

    Do what you want and live your best life.

    1. "Plus-size women really shouldn't wear crop tops."

    2. "Also bikinis just don’t look nice on plus-size women"

    3. "Crops tops are not for men."

    4. "Men really shouldn't wear makeup."

    5. "Women over 30 should stop wearing mini skirts."

    6. "Horizontal stripes are not flattering."

    7. "Tall women shouldn't wear heels."

    8. "Maxi dresses don't look right on short girls, it just drowns them."

    9. "You can't show both boobs and legs, pick one."

    10. "Women in suits is just not feminine."

    11. "Your bra should never be on show."

    12. "Mixing prints just looks messy."

    13. "It's unacceptable for men to wear skirts."

    14. Plus-size women shouldn't wear clothes that cling to them.

    15. "If you have big arms, it's best you cover them up."

    16. "Women with big boobs can't wear turtle necks."

    Moral of the story is wear whatever you want!