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    17 Beauty Hacks You Should Try In 2016

    Switch it up a little.

    1. Attempt a new make-up look.


    Switch shit up a little. Do something new with your hair and makeup. Try a new lip colour, change your parting, use a different eye shadow.

    Here's some inspiration for you. Number 11 is a work of art.

    2. Perfect the winged liner.

    3. Wash make-up brushes every week.

    4. Use SPF daily, without fail.

    5. Make a reasonable attempt to fix badly chipped nails.

    I don't trust any girl with nails like this

    Even if it means painting over them. Just think of the satisfaction of looking at freshly painted nails.

    6. Throw out old products.

    Jenny Chang / Via Buzzfeed

    And maybe get yourself a new make-up bag while you're at it. This denim one is a cute option.

    7. Learn how to fill in your brows.

    8. Look after your hands.

    9. Try a Youtube tutorial.

    View this video on YouTube

    Don't just sit back and watch the tutorials, actually do them. Find a look you love, and follow the instructions. If it looks bad, just wipe it off and stick to what you know.

    10. Clean hair brushes at least once a month. / Via

    Hair brushes are covered in hair, oil, and product build-up – the perfect home for bacteria.

    Here's a useful tutorial to show you how it's done.

    11. Deep condition your hair weekly. / Via

    Because we dye our hair, use too many products, use hair dryers and straighteners, and it needs a break.

    Here's some more useful hair tips from people in the know.

    12. Invest in a must-have beauty product. / Via

    Yes, 80 quid is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on face cream. But if said face cream works magic on your skin, it's probably worth the investment.

    Here are some products, loved by beauty bloggers, that are worth the investment.

    13. Master the "no make-up" make-up look.

    14. Wipe your phone with rubbing alcohol regularly. / Via

    Because it's filled with bacteria and other nastiness that is probably affecting your skin.

    And here's a few more filthy things you should probably think about cleaning.

    15. Find your signature beauty look. / Via

    We're all for trying out new looks and experimenting with make-up, but on a day-to-day basis, it's good to have default make-up that works every time.

    Best way to work out your signature look is to have a scroll through your feed of endless selfies, and decide what worked and didn't.

    16. Get regular facials. / Via

    Like, every three months...because TREAT YO SELF.

    And if you can't splurge on a salon facial, the Origins Drink Me Up Ten Minute Mask, works wonders. Seriously it's like magic.

    17. Tell yourself you're beautiful. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

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