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    15 Cheap Beauty Products That Are Worth Buying In 2017

    Tried and tested by us.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    We spent a lot of 2016 trying out beauty products. Some of them were really good, some not so much. So here is a list of the beauty products that we swear by.

    1. L.A.B.2 Lash Out Loud Mascara Wands , £5.50

    The L.A.B.² Lash Out Loud Mascara Wands is a collection of 12 disposable wands with four different brush styles. Each brush is designed to either volumise, lengthen, define, or curl the lashes.

    Emma says: "These were great! I could definitely see a difference between the eye with just my normal mascara wand and the eye I used the separate wands for. I like that you can choose which effect you want, and the defining brush is super useful for fixing clumping."

    2. Topshop Glow Stick, £9

    The Glow Stick is a twist-up highlighter stick that’s meant to sculpt, define, and enhance the skin.

    Emma says: "I loved this product. It was easy to blend, and it was shimmery without being too shimmery."

    3. NYX Concealer Jar, £5.50

    This is a full-coverage concealer that's meant to hide dark circles and blemishes.

    Tolani says: "Yeah, this shit is magical, no doubt about it. This is one of the best concealers I have ever used. I am so upset that I have been spending £17.50 on the Benefit Boi-ing concealer when this £5.50 gem exists. I am wearing the nutmeg shade and it is the perfect shade for me. It conceals very well, it doesn’t feel heavy, and it’s just so good. A little tip: It seems to apply better when dabbed on with a fingertip rather than a sponge."

    4. Real Techniques Setting Brush, £6.99

    This setting brush is great for setting highlight powders and creams – it allows you to gain some control when dusting powder on your face.

    Tolani says: "I like this brush. It’s super soft and sets powder highlight beautifully and naturally – it literally just buffs it in. I love the shape and size of the brush. It’s small enough to set my under-eye makeup, and it can also be used for contouring. It’s really soft on my skin, and it doesn’t waste any product. The only downside is that it took a little while to really blend the product into my skin, but apart from that, I love this."

    5. NYX Wicked Lippies, £5.50

    NYX Wicked Lippies is a range of jewel-toned metallic shades. If you're into bright-coloured lipsticks, this is definitely for you.

    Emma says: "This formula is great! It slipped on really well and the colour payoff was good. I liked it a lot. Also, the more I wore the blue lipstick, the more I liked it. I don’t think I can pull off super bright/unusual lipstick colours, but this made me feel like maybe I could!"

    Tolani says: "NYX lipsticks are always really good, and this range is just as good as all the others. The formula is EVERYTHING. I just don’t think I can get away with this colour."

    Tolani is wearing the Risque shade and Emma is wearing the Envy shade.

    6. Kiko Finish Line Lipstick, £3.90

    It’s a £3.90 lipstick that looks amazing on. Both Tolani and Emma are really into the colour and the moisturising formula. It glides along your lips smoothly and stays on all day. The formula is creamy and although the finish is matte, your lips feel very much moisturised. The colour payoff wasn’t amaaaazing – we needed about three coats to really see the colour – but for this price it was great.

    7. Golden Monkey Glamour Lip Kit, £8.50

    The contents of this really cute packaging are meant to transform chapped lips and make them really soft and supple. You have to follow three steps, and it will take around 30 to 40 minutes, so it’s worth finding something to entertain yourself with. The first step is a pad that’s meant to lightly exfoliate dead skin while nourishing your lips. The second step is a mask that soothes your lips. It includes shea butter and jojoba seed oil, which are both really key ingredients when it comes to soothing.The final step is a luxe lip oil that feels like a really fancy lip balm.

    Emma says: "They were great. Looking ridiculous was really worth it. My lips felt very moisturised and plumped-up."

    8. Sleek Colour Corrector Palette, £7.99

    This colour-correcting palette comes in six different colours that are meant to work on different skin tones and “problem” areas.

    Green: Helps with redness and is meant to be ideal for concealing scars and blemishes.

    Lilac: Meant for brightening sallow, dull complexions.

    Blue: Neutralises orange, which is apparently good for concealing freckles.

    Rose: Adds radiance and evens out dark sports.

    Yellow: Helps to conceal under-eye circles on light skin tones.

    Orange: Conceals dark circles on dark skin tones.

    Tolani says: "While all the colours in the palette were not for me, I think that it’s great that the one palette sees to most skin tones. I used the rose and orange colours and I think it really works. I’m also really into how easy it was to cover up. I would definitely use it again."

    9. NYX Curve Liner, £12

    What’s really cool about this eyeliner is the shape. The curve is meant to make holding the liner easier so you can apply it better.

    Tolani says: "Gosh, this might be the best eyeliner I have ever used. It’s so bloody good. The shape of the eyeliner really makes a difference. It’s really easy to hold and the formula glides on so well. So yes, £12 is a little steep for eyeliner, but it is really worth the money."

    10. H&M Nail Polish, £3.99

    Tolani says: "This nail polish is as good as, if not better than, any name-brand nail polish I have tried. The colours are amazing, the brush is perfectly thick, and it’s really easy to apply. The polish lasted four days before it started to chip, and that was without topcoat."

    11. Kiko Eye Base Primer, £7.90

    The primer promises to keep eyeshadow in place for longer, make application easier, and brighten up eyeshadow. It has a shimmery base to it, and comes out very pearlescent when applied. We both loved this product so much. The primer actually makes the eyeshadow look better and stay longer.

    12. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil, £2.99

    Tolani says: "This pen worked wonders on my brows, and it’s just as good as any other brow kits I have tried. I really like it. I am sold and will definitely be using this from now on – it does the exact same job as my MAC Eyebrow Pencil, which costs £14."

    13. Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner, £2.99

    This eyeliner gets top marks and it's only £2.99. It’s super easy to use and the precision you get with it is just amazing.

    14. Fleur De Force By Eylure – Fleur Loves Lashes, £5.25

    Tolani says: "These lashes are more of a corner lash than a full-strip lash, and I’m really into them. These were really easy to apply and just kinda fell into place, with the help of tweezers of course. They are subtle enough to wear all day, and I really like the feline flick they give."

    15. Sleek MakeUp True Colour Lipstick, £4.99

    YES to colour, YES to pigment, yes to everything about this lipstick. Not only does it literally slide along your lips, the colours are vibrant AF and it stayed on the whole day, even after lunch. The range comes in 21 different shades and you can get both matte and sheer textures.