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    14 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Know

    Lip plumpers are not worth the money.

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    There is just something about getting your makeup done by a professional – it looks so much better than what you could ever do.

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    And because we really want to know how to have it look flawless, we asked a few makeup artists to share their secrets with us. And they did.

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    1. There is no right order when it comes to applying makeup.

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    Suzy Gerstein, Honey Artists: "There are very few absolute dos and don'ts when it comes to applying makeup. There are a couple of general rules of thumb that are helpful to remember to make your makeup last longer. For instance, layering your powders over cream products makes the colour more stable so that it doesn't slide around on your face with oil and sweat. But other than that I've seen clients and colleagues start with eyes, start with skin, start with lips, and I've seen the end result look great in all of those cases."

    Lisa Potter-Dixon, head makeup artist, Benefit Cosmetics UK: "Always prep your skin with moisturiser, prime with a primer, and perfect with foundation and concealer, in that order. For everything else, apply it in the order that you prefer."

    Samantha and Nicola Chapman, Pixiwoo:
    "It’s makeup, it’s art, and there are no rules."

    2. When buying foundation you should always check the shade on your face.

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    Samantha and Nicola: "It sounds obvious but because your face is where you will be wearing it, it makes sense to try it there. You should apply it to the face and then wear it for a while. Check the colour after an hour in a natural light and if it hasn’t darkened or turned ashy then it’s a good one to go for. If you can’t decide between two shades then always select the lighter tone. Most shades will warm up on the skin anyway, and once you get your other products on it will deepen the base colour."

    Lisa: "Always try foundation on your face and not on your hand. Check the shade in natural light, and take a selfie outside."

    3. Some makeup products are just gimmicks and you really don't need them.

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    Lisa: "There's a lot of stencil products at the moment, particularly for brows and liner, and although fun to try, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all for these looks. The stamps are more of a gimmick, so don’t waste your money."

    Samantha and Nicola: "Lip plumpers are a big con. A plumping gloss is never going to give you Kylie Jenner’s lips. They will increase circulation and temporarily swell the lip but it’s short-lived. Creative lip pencil application will work better."

    4. You can afford to skimp on quite a few beauty products.

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    Samantha and Nicola: "You can actually afford to skimp on mascara. Most have a similar formula; it’s just the wand that does the work. Select a wand that has spaced-out teeth for definition or select a wand that has lots of bristles to add volume."

    Lisa: "You don't need to spend a whole lot on colourful products for eyes and lips. You can get great cheap colour products, so don’t be afraid to give them a go."

    5. Try not to skimp when it comes to base products.

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    Lisa: "Your base and brow products are two things you shouldn’t scrimp on. You want these to stay put and look flawless all day and night, so it's worth spending money on them."

    6. There are a few things you can do to help your makeup stay on for the whole day.

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    Kristine Cruz, senior makeup artist, Antonio Prieto Salon: "If you want your makeup to stay on all day, especially on a hot day, you can try these tricks.

    – Try not to pack on too much makeup; the less the makeup the better. Also use oil-free, water-resistant formulas.

    – If you use foundation, try mixing primer with foundation as it will give you a tinted moisturiser look and the primer will give it longevity.

    – Spot-treat oil and shine after applying foundation with powder and blotting papers.

    – Use waterproof mascara and liquid liner for the eyes.

    – Use eye primer before applying eyeshadow. This will help to keep eyeshadow stay in place."

    7. There are a few different ways to master the perfect winged eyeliner.

    8. Even if you don't have much time to do your makeup, always make sure you moisturise.

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    Samantha and Nicola: "If you only have five minutes spare in the morning, we would advise massaging in your skincare. Take the time to really work the moisturiser into the skin to hydrate, get the blood flowing and wake the skin up. You’ll look like you’ve had an extra two hours' sleep."

    Azra: "If you're short for time, I would say use tinted moisturiser with SPF. You get even, dewy skin with some protection, all in one step."

    9. Setting spray is not actually that important.

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    Lisa: "For a night out setting spray is good as it helps to keep your makeup in place for longer. But applying your makeup well and using primers is more effective."

    Azra: "Not all skin types actually need setting spray. It all depends on your skin type and the season. If you get shiny during the day then you should try setting sprays."

    10. Beautyblenders are a must-have.

    11. Less is more when it comes to covering spots.

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    Samantha and Nicola: "When it comes to covering spots without them going dry, think less is more. Ensure you have prepped the area with a moisturiser, and use a cream or liquid concealer that is a good colour match. Then just lightly buff the concealer over the area with a clean brush. You will never stop product clinging to a dry area of skin but at least it will take down the redness."

    12. People with hooded eyes should always use eye primer. / Via

    Lisa: "One solid tip I have for people with hooded eyes is to use an eye primer. Your makeup is much more likely to transfer if you have hooded eyes, so this will help prevent this. Also, make sure your brows are groomed and styled. This will open the look of your eyes instantly."

    13. The SPF in makeup does not give you enough protection.

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    Kristine: "Makeup with SPF is great, but it doesn't give you enough protection from the sun. I mean it's enough for short term but for long-term exposure to the sun I would recommend a moisturiser with SPF 30 to be reapplied every hour."

    14. There are a few reasons why makeup looks better when it's done by a makeup artist.

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    Suzy: "One reason why makeup looks different when it's done by a makeup artist is that we focus on lighting. We study how lighting plays a role on different skin tones and bone structure. We also use shadows and light to emphasise what is beautiful and interesting about that particular face. We choose products that are harmonious with each particular client's skin. And we also use very deliberate techniques of layering colours and textures to make the makeup last all day."

    Lisa: "One secret I will let you in on is blending. Blending is your best friend. And always use clean brushes – dirty ones are useless."