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16 Products You Should Probably Get If You Are A Bearded God

Long live the beard.

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1. Percy Nobleman Face & Stubble Wash, £12.99

Percy Nobleman / Via

For when you have an aspiring beard, aka a stubble. A little goes a long way with this face wash, and you just need a pea size to wash your stubble. It's also great for sensitive skin and it moisturises the hair without leaving it greasy.

3. Spiced Citrus Beard Softener, £11.00

Beardbrand / Via

It has a strong MAN smell, but if you are into that sort of thing, then this is great for you. It works kinda like a leave in conditioner. It will soften your facial hair, and because it's silicon free you don't get build up in your beard.


13. Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave, £29.00

Look Fantastic / Via

If you ever decide to shave your beard off (please don't) then this is one for you. This three-in-one product is a pre-shave oil, shave cream, and skin treatment. It feels like a thick moisturiser, which means the blade glides easier.

But again, please don't shave your beard off.