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21 Nail Art Designs That Will Make You Feel Christmassy AF

Deck your nails with gems and sparkles.

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2. It don't get much better than textured Christmas nails.

Instagram: @meimeinails / Via

7. A darling display of candy canes.

Instagram: @just1nail / Via

9. Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.

Instagram: @ashearer3 / Via

14. Just look how cute the snowman is.

Instagram: @home_of_deva / Via

16. Christmas greetings from Snoopy.

Instagram: @home_of_deva / Via

19. Ding, dong, ding, dong and all that.

Instagram: @nails_adela / Via

20. Check out this cute little Reindeer.

Instagram: @devil_wears_red / Via

21. The Christmas mani, of all Christmas manis.

Instagram: @home_of_deva / Via


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