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7 Really Good Instagram Accounts That Are Worth Following

Hot off the gram.

1. Eff your beauty standards.

This page is here to remind you that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Photographer Ashley Armitage uploads a series of stunning portraits that reject the existing standards of beauty.

2. Burst of colour.

Instagram: @lauracallaghanillustration

Laura's illustration skills are so good. She is an Irish illustrator based in London, whose super colourful art focuses on powerful, stylish women. You will definitely spend a long time looking through her profile, it's just amazing.

3. Queen!

Instagram: @amandlastenberg

Amandla is a queen, don't let anyone tell you different. Her Instagram is filled with beautiful selfies and pictures of her living her best life. She might just be the coolest person ever.

4. Braid gang.

Instagram: @braidsgang

All the braid inspiration you will ever need, honestly every time I look through this page I am inspired to change my hair style.

5. Mermaid diary.

Instagram: @mermaidens

Kailey is a real life mermaid, like seriously she is. Her account is so great, she uploads dreamy pastel images that are really stunning. She is also a beauty writer so you can expect to get some pretty good beauty tips.

6. Men with dogs.

Instagram: @hotdudeswithdogs

So you could spend your time looking at photos of dogs and hot men or you could multitask and look at pictures of them together. This page is filled with a collection of really good looking guys and better looking dogs.

7. Body art.

This tattoo artist based in Berlin is so talented. Many of her tattoos are nude, but really tastefully done. So if you need some ink inspiration, then you should go ahead and follow this account.

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