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7 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If You're Getting Married Or Just Really Into Weddings

Major wedding inspo.

1. @marriedinny

The Married in New York page is the absolute cutest. It posts images of joyful newlyweds at New York City Hall, and you will spend hours swooning over the couples and the stories.

2. @buzzfeedweddings

Instagram: @buzzfeedweddings

As well as stunning wedding pictures, you can expect DIY inspiration, a celebration of love, and, of course, memes.

3. @bespokebride

Instagram: @bespokebride

If you're into DIY or just plan on making your own wedding deco then this is the page for you. It's filled with colourful inspirations and will give you plenty of ideas for your big day.

4. @weddingsonpoint

Instagram: @weddingsonpoint

This page is wedding porn. It posts pictures of weddings that are all glitz and glamour. So if you're into that sort of thing, you should get following.

5. @rocknrollbride

For the bride that's edgier than your average. This page is all about couples that are unashamedly themselves on their wedding day.

6. @bertabridal

If you want to see how a wedding dress goes from a sketch to reality, then this page is for you. The dresses, made by fashion designer Berta Balilti, are so freaking beautiful you will find yourself scrolling through the page for hours.

7. @bellabridesmaids

If you're stuck for ideas when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, then I suggest you follow this account. It's a goldmine of stylish bridesmaid dresses in every colour and shape.

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