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    Jul 23, 2016

    17 Places To Take Your Date That Isn't Dinner

    Because dating in London can be brilliant.

    1. Bounce

    2. Junk Yard Golf

    3. Hip Hop Karaoke

    4. B&H Buildings

    5. Old Skool Sundays

    Old Skool Sundays

    The perfect place for a chilled out date. Old Skool Sundays happens every Sunday, and it's a night of nostalgia, music, games, 90s TV cinema and SUPER NINTENDO. It's also a really cheap date. HAPPY DAYS.

    6. Rooftop Film Club

    7. Flight Club

    8. Angel Comedy

    9. Draughts

    10. Hackney City Farm

    11. Tate Modern

    12. Morden Hall Park Walk

    Flickr: garryknight / Via Creative Commons

    How about going for a walk through the gardens and woodlands of Morden Park Hall? While you are there you should check out the 19th century estate nestled into the park’s green landscape. And if Morden Park is nowhere near you, check out other places for a walk in London here.

    13. Take the Thames Clipper down the river.

    14. Foyles Literary Events

    15. Electric Cinema

    16. Hint Hunt

    17. Sing-A-Long-A Film Nights

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