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11 Hacks Everyone Who Wears Clothes Should Know

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4. You can unshrink a cotton jumper by soaking it in warm water and hair conditioner for a few minutes.

Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed

This is actually genius. Soaking the jumper for about 10 minutes will relax the clothing's fibers and unshrink it. This works with T-shirts and jeans too.


5. Stretch your shoes with thick socks and a hairdryer.

Emma Cooke / Via BuzzFeed

If your shoes are too tight or giving you blisters, try wearing a pair of thick socks with them and then heating the tight spots with a blowdryer. Emma tried it and it really works.

7. Shaving cream works wonders when it comes to removing makeup from your collar, especially foundation stains.

FABLifeShow / Via

This little trick is great for those times when you get foundation your dress while getting ready. It's also great for foundation stains that have sunk in because shaving cream has cleaning agents that break through the stain before you wash it.


11. Taping your third and fourth toes together makes high heels more comfortable.

Taping your “ring” and middle toes together (supposedly) redistributes the weight and pressure points on your feet.Chelsea tried it and it actually worked.