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The Ten Main Thoughts Of A College Student At The End Of The Fall Semester

Let's face it... You've had it with finals, you're Red Solo Cup-ed out, and you just want winter break to begin already!

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1. Is It Winter Break Yet?

The most obvious, and most accurate, thought of a college student near the end of the fall semester is longing for winter break. Even you, Frat Boy Frank, can't wait to have some of Grandma's holiday cookies... It may be best to skip on the fruitcake, though.

2. *Calculates Minimum Score Needed On Final Exam To Pass The Class*

Although finals pair well with another word that begins with the letter "F," it is in your best interest to pass them; final exams do count for a large percentage of your grade, and can make or break you. It's best to calculate your minimum score needed on the exam, to pass the class, before you hit up the local bar with Dropped The Course Denny, and end up regretting it afterwards.

3. I Miss My Mom!

I may be somewhat of a mama's boy... But, I'm sure most college students will agree that they miss their mom (or other parent/guardian) by the end of the semester. However, we all know that, after a weekend at home, we're begging to leave again and head back to school; at least there you can avoid taking out the trash until one of your roommates does it for you.

4. I Don't Want To Go To Class!

So, this may be you everyday of the semester... But, at least now you have an excuse for your tardies (end-of-the-semester-itis). Think, it could be worse... *cough* Gonorrhea *cough*

6. I'm So Broke!

Christmas time has us spending our money on presents and other great holiday goods, meaning our pockets are taking a hit. We're college students, though, so we're used to being broke by now. Speaking of broke... Does anyone want to lend me some extra dining points?

8. *Runs To Car Upon Arrival Home*

I may be lucky enough to have my car with me at college, but most students don't have the same luxury. Whether you're missing Helga The Honda or Nathan the Nissan, you probably are missing your car (even if it's a clunker).

9. I Miss My Bed!

You may have gotten over your roommate's snoring, even though I haven't, but you still miss your bed. As in, your bed at home, that you love more than life itself. The mattress that actually has springs. The mattress where you can actually get a decent sleep. Didn't remember missing it? I bet you do now.

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