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The End Of Summer: A Story Told Through GIFs

RIP, Summer! :(

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Summer kind of feels like this...

You realize summer is almost over...

And, even worse, school will be starting soon...

No more sleeping in...


(At least not during the week.)

Goodbye free time!

Hello homework! :(


*literally crying just thinking about this*

But you get to see your friends from school...

And you don't have to live with your parents!


(Based on my living situation.) Sorry if you still have to! I felt your pain over the summer!

You can let loose and have some fun!


But not too much fun.

Halloween and Christmas are right around the corner (or at least that's what you tell yourself!)


(Assuming you celebrate the two.) If not, I'm sure you have at least one holiday to look forward to.

And the weather is perrrrrrrfectttttt!


Just like my girl, Nicki! <3

Life is grand(e).

The end of summer isn't looking that bad, after all.

But the end of Fall... :(



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