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    PDO Thread Lift And Carboxytherapy- Hollywoods Beauty Secrets And The Woman Behind It, Azza Halim, MD

    Dr.Azza Halim is the Clinical Director for I-Skin Solutions...............................................

    Celebrities like Kim Kardashian to "The Beverly Hills Housewives" have at one point or another gone through procedures to help themselves look younger, tighter and slimmer. They literally make a living talking about it in the public eye. But, do they know about the newest treatment revolutionizing the aesthetics industry that has been trademarked by Dr. Azza Halim.

    PDO Thread lift for stomach

    PDO Threads and Carboxytherapy for cellulite

    “I realize that one size does not fit all,” she explains. “I am a perfectionist. Even though I have worked in virtually every aspect of various treatment modalities from Botox and fillers to lasers and non-invasive procedures, I take a balanced holistic approach in creating a very customized plan to fit their needs.”