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The World's Worst Toilets

Take an enlightening tour around some of the absolute worst bathrooms in the world. Then take a moment to tell your indoor, porcelain, snake-free facility that you love it.

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  • 1. China's Finest Outhouse

    Come for the relaxing rural atmosphere, and crap to your heart's content in a rustic wooden temple designed especially for your privacy and comfort. No need to worry about strangers ruining your fun - a trusty guard dog stands by day and night to ensure that you can enjoy yourself in peace and quiet.

  • 2. Tianjin

    What do we all want in life? A hole in the ground to call our own. Well, in this truly unique facility in Tianjin, China, you can have not one, but THREE holes in the ground! And you can call them your own for just 10 Yuan (double for number two).

  • 3. Location Unknown

    Location Unknown

    Not much is known about this masterpiece of toilet design except that it is somewhere in Asia. If you are ever lucky enough to find it, be sure to bring your galoshes!

  • 4. Norway


    Welcome to Norway, where half a toilet is better than no toilet at all. The purveyors of this fine establishment are an optimistic sort: they like to leave their half-commodes half full.

  • 5. Kazakhstan


    Kazakhstan's legendary "Outdoor Facilities" give you an opportunity to test your toilet prowess. Can you finish peeing before it freezes?

  • 6. Himalayas


    Nestled in this beautiful mountain hideaway is a lovingly crafted toilet that you'll never forget. Don't worry if you can't get everything in the hole - that's what the sand is for!

  • 7. India


    This toilet, in a private residence in India, comes with a little something extra to make sure you don't stick around for too long ...

  • 8. The Worst Toilet in Scotland

    No compilation of awful toilets would be complete without this classic account of the worst toilet in Scotland. So let's finish this list off in style with Renton, a pair of opium suppositories, and a trip down memory lane.