• 1. Paper Towels

    The obvious first choice — try to get the kind that tear in thirds for minimal clogging issues.

  • 2. Magazines

    Preferable to newspaper because the print won’t rub off on your nether regions. Again, use in moderation.

  • 3. ‘Sanitary Napkin’

    You’ll want to use the really thin pink ones (the heavy-duty overnight kind are NOT recommended). Tearing in half might also be wise.

  • 4. ‘Sanitary Napkin’ Wrapper

    For desperate people and sensitive toilets.

  • 5. Receipt

    Beware of paper cuts.

  • 6. Toilet Paper Roll

    You’ll probably want to reserve this for #1 situations, and you’ll also need to take the trash out pretty immediately. It works though.