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What God Looks Like According To Different Religions

As God doesn't tend to show up at many parties and has yet to sign up for a verified Twitter, most humans don't actually know what He (She?!) looks like. Here's a list of artistic representations of God by different religions to help give you a chance of recognizing your master in case he actually does show up to your next barbecue or my upcoming No Doubt Party (TM). Also add your own pictures of what you think God looks like. No wrong answers!

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  • The Divine Pimander (Hermeticism)

    The Divine Pimander (Hermeticism)

  • Brahman (Hinduism)

    Brahman (Hinduism)

  • God The Father (Christianity)

    God The Father (Christianity)

  • Zeus (Greek Mythology)

    Zeus (Greek Mythology)

  • Jupiter (Roman Mythology)

    Jupiter (Roman Mythology)

  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pastafarianism)

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster ( Pastafarianism )

  • Huitzilopochtli (Aztec Mythology)

    Huitzilopochtli (Aztec Mythology)

  • Voldemort (Death Eaters)

    Voldemort (Death Eaters)

  • Odin (Norse Mythology)

    Odin (Norse Mythology)

  • Akatosh (Elder Scrolls Mythology)

    Akatosh (Elder Scrolls Mythology)

  • YHWH (Judaism)

    YHWH (Judaism)

    Note: The burning bush isn't exactly the permanent manifestation of God, just one of the manifestations within the Torah.

  • Kim Jong-Il (North Korean Mythology)

    Kim Jong-Il (North Korean Mythology)

  • Ikenga (Igbo Mythology)

    Ikenga (Igbo Mythology)

  • Amun (Ancient Egyptian)

    Amun (Ancient Egyptian)

  • Satan (Satanism)

    Satan (Satanism)

  • Jon Hamm (American Mythology)

    Jon Hamm (American Mythology)

    The best God of all.