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We Made Our Own Ron Swanson Dolls And So Can You!

Last Thursday an amazing Ron Swanson paper-doll cutout was circling the web and we just weren't able to help ourselves and make our own Swansons at the office. We also had our Twitter followers get in on the game and we have a great roundup of those as well. Make sure to add your own in the comments!

  • Hard at work

    Hard at work

  • ...still hard at work...

    ...still hard at work...

  • Finished Swanson.

    Finished Swanson.

  • Action shot of Josh cutting now.

    Action shot of Josh cutting now.



  • Finished Swanson

    Finished Swanson

  • Two Swansons hanging out

    Two Swansons hanging out

  • I attached mine to my laptop

    I attached mine to my laptop

  • Then We Tweeted This

    Then We Tweeted This

  • And Got These!

  • -Sarah J

    -Sarah J

  • -@leelo124

    - @leelo124

  • @kgerk


  • -Vielka Ansari

    -Vielka Ansari

  • Add your own!

    Add your own!

    Thanks again for making this Kyle Hilton!

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